6 best ways to eat pumpkin

Did you know eating pumpkins regularly helps lower blood pressure, boost vision, reduce the tendency

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6 best ways to eat pumpkin

Did you know eating pumpkins regularly helps lower blood pressure, boost vision, reduce the tendency to over eat, give you healthier skin and also benefits the heart!? If these wonder benefits aren’t enough to make you eat good old kaddu then these yummy pumpkin recipes surely will! 

Most delicious soup!

Pumpkin can be pared well with several ingredients to create a soup which would be  more like drinking vitamins and fibre off a bowl. Try this aromatic, roasted onion, garlic and pumpkin soup or a pumpkin and lentil soup which is filling enough to become a nourishing meal by itself. A thick peas and pumpkin soup brings together two contrasting coloured, but antioxidant rich ingredients in one delightful soup. 

Pumpkin pasta sauce, anyone?

Keep the calories minimum and the taste top notch by tossing your pasta in a smooth silky pumpkin sauce. You can make a creamy pumpkin risotto or try this penne with roasted pumpkin and ricotta which you can enjoy piping hot for dinner one night and also right out of the fridge for brunch the next day. 

Roast it I say!

Roasting pumpkin definitely brings out its beautiful earthy sweet taste. This roasted pumpkin hummus is a refreshing change from a regular one and is loaded with Vitamin A and fibre. You can use it as a spread or as a dip for just about any savoury appetizer; pumpkin helps lower cholesterol and is heart healthy in contrast to other high calorie commercial spreads. 

Dessert bhi!

Soft, creamy and just the right amount of sweet in the center, these chocolate coated red pumpkin bars are a healthy post dinner sweet option for the entire family. A fabulous way to increase your beta-carotene and antioxidant intake, you can also try a more desi red pumpkin ki launjee – pumpkin fingers cooked in sugar syrup and tossed with crunchy nuts. 

Cut a pumpkin cake

Ever think eating cake can be healthy? Turns out it can. This pumpkin cake has a bunch of nourishing ingredients like pumpkin puree, oats, olive oil and buttermilk keeping it light, soft and high on fibre. Experiment by adding pumpkin to a traditional carrot cake recipe for more goodness or try these apple and pumpkin muffins. Along with a sweetened hung yogurt topping – they are a like, little energy boosting snacks!

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