9 Exciting Corn Recipes Perfect for the Monsoon

Take a look at these 9 monsoon perfect recipes made with corn, of course including a good old bhutta

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9 Exciting Corn Recipes Perfect for the Monsoon

Corn is an ingredient that is available all through the year, but the fun of eating it doubles up during the monsoon, when it is easily available and at its best. Take a look at these 9 monsoon perfect recipes made with corn, of course including a good old bhutta !

Chinese Style Corn Curd

 It takes just 2 basic ingredients to make this delicious Chinese snack. Mildly spiced creamed corn and corn starch mixture, cooked, set into cubes and fried to crisp perfection. It gets made in minutes and eaten even faster. Serve it with schezwan or sweet chilli sauce.

Chatpata Bhutta

Anybody who has witnessed a Mumbai monsoon will tell you that few things are as great as biting into a fresh corn on the cob. Roasting the corn on charcoal gives it a fabulous smoky flavour which compliments to the sweet taste of the corn and the chatpata masala that it is rubbed with. Alternatively you can also try this cheesy Mexican version of corn on the cob.

Roasted Corn and Cheese Soup

The sweetness of freshly roasted corn kernels and the salty goodness of cheddar cheese make each spoonful of this soup perfectly balanced. Serve this wholesome soup with some garlic bread or simply with soup sticks and enjoy a warm meal as the rain gods shower their blessings!

Potato and Corn Chowder

Soups are generally meant to be low calorie meals, but not chowders, chowders are true blue comfort food that satisfy all your carb cravings. This one made with potatoes and sweet corn is served in a hard crust bread bowl - works every single time. Add some shredded chicken or roasted mushrooms for some extra bite and variety.

Corn Muffins with a cheesy Yogurt Dip 

Delicious, healthy and super simple - these muffins made with fresh corn kernels, breadcrumbs, eggs, herbs and spices are served with a cream cheese and yogurt dip. Serve these up on a rainy day as a fancy breakfast or as snacks along with evening chai – your choice.

Corn Cakes

The sweetness of corn balanced out with a spice hit from a thai red curry paste these potato and corn cakes are super simple to make. Along with a cup of chai or as a party starter for your next gathering – these are perfect for any occasion.

Crispy Corn Cheese Balls

These crispy corn cheese balls are an all-time hit. Take a look at this recipe where cream style corn and fresh corn is flavoured with spices, stuffed with cheese coated in cornflakes and fried to crisp perfection.

Mushroom Corn Korma

This South Indian style Korma is made by cooking button mushrooms and corn kernels in an onion, green chilli, fresh coconut masala and yogurt masala. Curry leaves and cumin seeds add plenty of flavour to this simple curry. Serve hot with steamed rice.

Chilli Corn Rice 

This simple corn and rice dish is super simple to make and is perfect when you want to enjoy a quick wholesome meal. Fresh corn, cooked rice, some seasoning and herbs, this one tastes great with everything from a stir fry to dal fry!