The hardest decision: waffles or pancakes?

These off-the griddle breakfast items have satiated the sweet tooths without putting many efforts.

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The hardest decision waffles or pancakes

Waffles and pancakes are those delectable treats that have been ‘THE’ breakfast saviours, and can also make up for any boring meals. They are made to actually prove that gluttony is no sin. The light and soft pancakes are no less than an eighth wonder in the world and likewise, crisp and delicious waffles are always a winner when it comes to desserts. But do you know that there is an on-going war since ages as to which one is better? These off-the griddle breakfast items have satiated the sweet tooths without putting many efforts. But, how does one come to a conclusion about which is better than the other one?

I am not going to comment on this bit but let’s know  more things about both these delights:

Ratio and ingredients

Did you know that pancakes and waffles are both made with the same ingredients but they taste different because they are not prepared in the same manner? Also, their ingredient ratios are different too. Some people also like to add a teaspoon of vanilla extract to their waffle batter too, which apparently is not added to a pancake batter.


Waffles are prepared on a waffle iron ONLY, while pancakes can be prepared on a frying pan or an oiled griddle. When you are prepping a waffle batter, make sure to whip the egg white separately and then add to the mixture while a pancake batter does not require a specific order in which they have to be mixed or made.


The batter for pancakes is thinner as compared to a waffle batter. The end result however is different.  A waffle is lighter than a pancake because it gets fluffier when put into a waffle iron. Waffles contain more fat content than a pancake because of the generous amount of butter/oil used in their making. So, be mindful about picking up your piece of pancake if you want to eat both.


Let’s not forget one of the most important differences in these two is the texture. Waffles have a hard and crisper texture as compared to the soft and fluffy waffles. The pancake is all about its fluffy texture, contrarily, waffle maximises the cooking surface so that you have more caramelisation and less fluff. Make sure to eat your waffle real quick because it will get chewy. But, I suggest you eat both of ‘em up steaming hot to enjoy  all the more!

Now some waffle and pancake recipes

Chocolate Chip Waffle

This is the most basic and all-time favourite which you can make easily at home.

Tiramisu Waffle

Your favourite dessert gets a waffle makeover. Try out this to satiate your sudden waffle cravings.

Moong Dal Waffle

Have you ever tried a desi? Once you try this moong infused waffle, which is both healthy and delicious, you are surely going to ditch all others.

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Red Velvet Pancake

Can’t really take your eyes off this, can you? Similarly, let me warn you if you think one bite is going to be enough, it won’t!

Strawberry Pancake Stacks

Strawberry slices sandwiched between pancakes and drizzled with chocolate sauce is just the right you were looking for.

Hazelnut Chocolate Stuffed Pancakes

When you want to make a treat that's really on another deliciousness level, there's one ingredient you can always count on. Everybody's favourite hazelnut-chocolate spread has long been making desserts extra special and this is the proof.

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