All you need to know about Veganism

Things you need to know before you are planning to turn Vegan.

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All you need to know about Veganism

What is a Vegan diet? It’s basically eliminating all the animal and animal-based products and following a plant-based diet. Veganism is in the rage, and we are pretty sure that the thought of going vegan has crossed your mind at least once.

We thought we will give you all the knowledge you need on Veganism, starting from their health benefits to what you can actually eat if you are planning to go Vegan:

Top 5 health benefits:

  • Healthy Heart: When you are on a Vegan diet, you have lesser chances of heart diseases and it keeps your blood pressure in control. It reduces chances from suffering from a stroke.
  • Say bye to animal fats: When you are eating only plant-based foods, you are kicking out animal fats from your body which are known to increase risk of arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and widely known cancers too.
  • Cancel the cancers: The foods which are consumed in a Vegan diet are said to protect against various types of cancers whereas meats are linked with prostate cancers.
  • Better Bones: Vegan food has enough vitamins and calcium to keep your bones strong and helps in generating bone tissue as well.
  • Powerful Antioxidants: They are loaded with powerful antioxidants which help in prevention of many chronic diseases like diabetes, tumours and other cardiovascular diseases.

Some interesting Vegan recipes:

Main course with Tofu: Tofu is said to be an important ingredient when you are following a Vegan diet. The process of making tofu is similar to that of preparing cheese and it is prepared with condensed soy milk. It has loads of protein, iron and calcium which are super beneficial for your body. It also protects you from several diseases like cancers, heart diseases and keeps your liver healthy. Many people also use tofu as a substitute for paneer because of the similar texture. You can try making this Tofu Parantha for a heavy meal and the Thai style Tofu with vegetables if you are looking for something light and healthy.

Snacks and starters: A lot of healthy pulses are also said to be a good option for Vegans. Beans, chickpeas and lentils, these are rich in calcium and nutrients. Try making this Mexican Samosa which is absolutely Vegan, loaded with kidney beans, bell peppers and a spice mix, it is super delicious. Or try a full piping-hot plate of this Stir-fried Eggplant with Beans, healthy and wholesome.

Some Stews: Stews are gravy cooked with nutritious vegetables and is perfect for chilling weather. Tofu with stewed noodles is prepared with bean curd, mashed potatoes and fresh bok choy. Try making a bowl for you; it is healthy, delicious and super comforting. Vegetable stewed rice prepared with button mushrooms, French beans and broccolis. This fusion recipe is sure to be a favourite for all.  

Dessert delights: Yes you read that right! Vegans can enjoy desserts too and we have got those recipes for you. The Dates and Nuts rolls prepared with a variety of dried nuts and goodness of dates are absolutely decadent. Roasted coconut laddoos are the Desi sweet which you have been longing for.  These laddoos are prepared with coconuts and sweetened with jaggery makes it a perfect sweet for Vegans and for people who are diet conscious.

Chilled Beverages to end with: There is no dearth of beverages when it comes to a Vegan diet. Try Vegan ‘milk’ shakes made with easy substitutes like almond and soy milk. You can also try recipes like this Mango ice tea is to best when you want something chilled and flavourful. Fresh Fruit juices work great too.

We are going to share a lot of Vegan recipes on our YouTube channel- Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana, stay tuned!