Ingredient special: Recipes to make your quarantine special!

3 Main Ingredients: Rice, Lentils & Whole Wheat Flour to stir-up some fabulous recipes for you!

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Recipes to make your quarantine special with these 3 Main Ingredients

The quarantine period is the best time to showcase your creativity. In order to find calm in the quarantine chaos, the best way is to channelise it into some positive chores and activities. It’s like how I see it is that if you want the rainbow, you got to put with the rain. So, make the most of this time by picking up some hobby, doing something that might make you happy, explore a new activity and experiment. Hence, like every other person is trying their luck on having the essential culinary skills, why should you feel left out? All you need is some self-belief, time and being open to learning the new. That’s all! Now, you must be wondering that to create something nice requires all those tongue-twisting ingredients or the ones which are only seen in high-end food shows. However, to burst your bubble, you just need some basic ingredients used day-in day-out to create delectableness! 

So, without any further ado, we’ll unwrap some recipes from our treasured cache and let you adorn that chef cap. Let’s get going with the 3 main ingredients, that is, rice, lentils and whole-wheat flour to stir-up some fabulous recipes. 

  1. Rice

Chutney Vegetable Pulao

I like rice. Rice is great if you’re hungry and want to fill your stomach quickly. Easy to prepare too. This one is even more nourishing as it’s made with brown rice and loaded with vegetables and you can add your favourite ones to make it more divine. You can also use any other rice available in your pantry without any hitch, in case you don’t have brown rice. So, create that comfort in a pot with this beautiful mélange, pair it with raita¸ pickle or just plain curd and enjoy.

Leftover Rice Tikki

It’s a common phenomenon that when we are at home for a long time, we tend to cook more and eat more. Being carefree in this moment of quarantine, there are chances of likely piling up the fridge with leftovers. The next day it becomes cumbersome to think about how to utilise the leftover making it delicious and convenient at the same time. After all, it’s not just finishing up something but also treating your family with something new every day. So, bring in some surprise and let them wonder how did you make this one. Stay rest assured it’s filled with the goodness of greens too. Pair it with chutney or tomato ketchup to make it finger-licking good.


  1. Lentils

Moong Dal Omelette

Do the kids frown when they hear the word dal and say kal hi toh banaya tha! Do they love more of chatpata khana, so why stop them from eating what they like? However, let the same wholesome ingredient get served, but, in a different form with your satisfaction and their happiness remaining intact. So, here’s the catch, its colourful, attractive and a vegetarian omlette. Carrot will take care of the eyes, beet will make the blood great, corn kernels will charge up and the taste will make them hug you instantly!

Mini Chana Dal Idli

Idli is that one comfort food that you can’t get enough of. It’s super light and high on proteins, fibre and carbohydrates. However, this one will make you more changa. Here’s how: it will keep you in shape, maintain the body’s pH levels, boost immunity, balance the blood sugar and supply the rich B-complex vitamins. Dip it in coconut chutney, it’s like saying that it’s a perfect combination of simplicity and taste.

  1. Whole Wheat Flour

Wholewheat Banana Pancake

Having been confined to the boundaries of home for such a long time surely creates the urge of making long eat out wishlists. However, why should outside food bring all the fun, when we can have it indoors. Yes! The evergreen love for pancakes that too a super nutritious and simplistic one ticks off this point. It’s time to put in all those unattended bananas you brought and turn it into heavenly cakes. Have it in breakfast, coupled with your favourite smoothie or ditch the evening high tea with the pancakes topped with nuts and honey. This will surely soar your spirits high!

Cheeseburst Roti Pizza

No matter how strict you are with your diet, this one makes you slip with just one cheesy bite! So, once in a blue moon it’s good to cheat, if it brings a bright smile on your face. All you need to do is ‘say cheese’ and make it with the very basic flour present right in your kitchen along with greens and the gooey awesomeness! Flaunt it on your social media, we bet people will surely be tempted with the photographs and will ask you for the recipe.