Must try Indian main course dishes made without vegetables

Let’s sneak in the gateways leading to the most delectable & unique recipes made without vegetables!

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Main course dishes made without vegetables

Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join me. Life is so endlessly delicious. After all, there is no love sincerer than the love of food! True isn’t it? However, there are instances when we do crave for some luscious, soul-satisfying food but do not want to toil hard and sweat in the kitchen. So, to make your cooking almost effortless yet making it absolutely delicious, quick and super creative, I’ve something to share with you. Remember, it will ease you especially when you run out of ready to eat food items which are not good for health. The recipes, which I’m going to talk about today, are made with minimal ingredients and without vegetables that will make you drool all over! 

The worthy point to note here is that these recipes come mostly from the royal land of Rajasthan and from the rich lands of Punjab. Both these states have contrast climate and extreme weather conditions, leading to the opportunity of much culinary creativity. As it is rightly said, necessity is the mother of invention. However, this doesn’t mean that these dishes are bland and flavourless, instead are really hearty and lip smacking. 

So, let’s sneak in these gateways leading to the most delectable and unique recipes, that you’ll surely love to dabble with. Check ‘em out. 

Ker Sangri

This classic Rajasthani delicacy is prepared with dried ker berries and sangri beans, typical produce of the deserts. It is earthy, rustic and masaledar! Kafi alag hai doosre pakwano se, toh zaroor try kijiye.

Boondi ki Sabzi 

Besides the bemisal roop of boondi that is witnessed in creamy raitas, this one is a very special version of its presence in the form of a meal altogether. Especially, comes very handy when you wish to throw a surprise but run out of time. This one appears to be the knight in the shining armour and is surely meant for you, as it gets done in a jiffy!

Papad ki Sabzi

Papad holds a traditional significance in many of the regional Indian cuisines, where it is mostly served as a popular accompaniment with khichdis, dal chawals et al. So, while you think on these lines, let’s try it in a way where it gets flaunted in a unique form altogether. Yes, it’s a very prevalent sabzi made in a rich gravy, that can make you go slurp!

Gatte ki Sabzi

Rajasthan ki baat ho aur Gatte ki Sabzi ka zikr na ho, aisa toh ho hi nahi sakta. It is the heart of almost every traditional meal in this side of the country. If you haven’t given it a try then you should definitely do, as I can bet this will become your favourite and will be a part of the food diary you maintain.

Dahi ki Sabzi

We use curd in so many ways, each one having its own importance. However, today I thought to make it the showstopper with this super easy, ready to make in minutes and out-of-the-box recipe. Do let me know if you liked it.

Kale Chana

A protein-rich vegetable, which is most enjoyed along with puris. But this combination gets completed if there’s a lovely halwa to go with these two super popular dishes. One of the most common meals during the fasting months of Navratri, this is one of those meals that is liked by all age brackets. You should try it instantly!