Chilled out summer menu!

The summers in India are at peaking and the next couple of weeks are just going to get hotter!

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Chilled out summer menu

The summers in India are peaking! The Air conditioner can save you only for so long, the best way to keep cool is by adding some chilled-out recipes to your diet. Take a look at these delicious soup, salad and starter recipes, which like revenge are best served cold!

Super Cool Soups

While a bowl of piping hot soup might be super comforting during the cold monsoons and winter months, but in summer they definitely don’t seem ideal. So we to share these super chilled out soup recipes which are perfect for summers.

Cold Cucumber Soup with Quinoa - Plenty of protein and a delicious nutty crunch from the quinoa + the refreshing taste of cucumber and sour cream - this soup is like taking a vacation by the beach to beat the heat. The ton of nutritional benefits that come with the healthy ingredients are just an added bonus!

 Biscuit Bites with Beetroot and Carrot Shots – This one is a perfect dish to serve at a party or family gathering, especially if you want to keep the menu healthy! A bite of the crisp creamy biscuits after a sip of the spicy crimson coloured beetroot and carrot shots is really a party for your taste buds.

Chilled Yogurt Soup – Extremely simple to make and equally refreshing to sip on – this chilled soup is made with yogurt a superfood that is loaded with probiotics!  Flavoured with everyday ingredients like cumin, pepper and coriander, it has cucumber for somebody and a sprinkling of sumac powder for a fabulous Mediterranean twist!  Serve it chilled with crisped up pita bread and it could become a regular on your menu.

Cold Watermelon Soup  Summers bring along with them plenty of fresh fruit. If you don’t want to whip these into a smoothie, a fruity refreshing cold soup is a perfect substitute. A peach and thyme soup or a cold apple soup are delicious alternatives. Come up with different interesting combinations for of fresh fruit and herbs, so you have a special soup – each day of the week.

Chilled out Salads

For all the weight watchers, summer is an appropriate period to shed those extra pounds. Your metabolism in summers is faster as compared to the cooler months. Besides, it is awfully hot and your body does not feel like it needs to store as much fat. What can be better than a bowl of salad to maintain your summer diet? Salads are certainly hearty and satisfying as a main course of a meal due to their nutrient value and desirable amount of fiber. Here are 4 delicious summer salads that are filling enough to make a full meal.

Mango and Quinoa Salad – This salad is the perfect recipe to make the most of mango season. Sweet juicy dices of mangoes, super healthy quinoa and bits of coloured bell peppers and olives for more colour, flavour and bite. A big bowl of this salad makes a great light summer meal.

Pasta Salad - Pasta salads are perfect to make a full meal out of a salad because they satisfy your carb craving and keep your tummy full for longer. This one is made with penne pasta tossed in a creamy thousand island dressing – served chilled!

Grilled Chicken and Pear SaladSlices of succulent grilled chicken, sweet crisp pears, crunchy walnuts, crumbly tart feta cheese and lots of fresh crisp lettuce tossed with a citrusy olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing. A cool meal for a hot summer.

Cold starters

Vietnamese Summer Rolls – Crunchy, colourful and chilled – these rolls are perfect for any summer party. Just put together the prepped veggies, paper rolls and dipping sauces on the table to make a delicious DIY starter for your guests.

Tomato and Basil Sandwich with Mascarpone Cheese Spread – This one is proof that the simplest things are the best. A classic combination of fresh tomatoes, basil and cheese sandwiched between slices of crusty bread. Best served cold!

Salami Pinwheels This super simple recipe is a definite hit with kids. Flour tortillas stuffed with slices of chilled salami, lettuce, olives, mayonnaise and cheese. Serve them as an after school snack or cut them into smaller bite sized pieces to make a super cool starter for any gathering.