6 breads you must know about!

Walk into a supermarket and are bowled over by the number of options for a simple packet of bread? W

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6 breads you must know about

Bread makes up an important part of our everyday meals, don't you agree? There are so many different types of breads that people all around the world eat with a diverse variety of dishes. We are here to help you understand the widely used breads to ensure that you make the right pick the next time you're on your weekly grocery mission:

White Bread – This is the most basic and the most common type of bread - White bread  is made with wheat which has been milled ie. The outer bran and the inner germ layer are removed, leaving only the starchy endosperm to make flour out of. This rips white bread of most of its nutrients making it a health lightweight. Most people these days shy away from it, which when compared to the other types of breads available are just slabs of gluten! 

Whole Wheat Bread – This is the phenomenon that has made white bread almost obsolete. Made with whole wheat grains, keeping intact all the nutrition that you’re supposed to get from its consumption, whole wheat bread is a much healthier choice. Packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals, whole wheat flour has very little gluten, making it slightly difficult to bake a light loaf of whole wheat bread, this is why your packet of brown bread may contain some refined flour to make the bread less dense. While buying whole wheat bread from the market look for whole wheat flour in the ingredients as opposed to just wheat flour, which could mean it is refined! Do not rely too much on the colour of the bread as ingredients like molasses are often added for colour! 

Rye Bread – Bread made with rye flour is healthy like whole wheat bread is, provided it is made purely with rye flour and whole rye grains. Most rye breads also contain amounts of refined flour to make the bread light and fluffy. The most common type of rye bread is pumpernickel bread from Germany, which is a dark brown - almost plum cake like in colour!. Rye bread usually has a hard crust and is soft on the inside. Adding a bunch of caraway seeds to rye bread gives it a great crunch perfectly complimenting the earthy flavour of the flour. A perfect bread for sandwiches because if soaks up spreads beautifully, make a rye bread sandwich with mustard mayo and cold cuts for yumminess assured. 

Corn Bread – This bread is made from corn meal or maize and is most common in the United States. Easy to make corn bread is almost instant bread. All you need is corn meal and you can bake a loaf of corn bread to go with stews or curries or bake them in little muffin trays for delicious corn muffins! Made by grinding corn kernels into a coarse powder, the bread made out of this flour is completely gluten free, requires no kneading and can be used in sweet as well as savoury recipe trials in your kitchen! Yellowish in colour corn meal is often made into a flatbread that is perfect to make tortillas. 

Soya Flour Bread – If you are on a gluten free diet or are looking for a healthier alternative than wheat bread then bread made with soya flour is your go to! High in fibre and good fats, soy bread is often mixed with linseed or flaxseed flour, which only makes it more nutritious. Soy bread is loaded with protein–a perfect accompaniment to your glass of post workout soy milk! 

Multigrain bread- Multigrain bread is simply bread that is made with a mix of grains. The important thing here is to assure that the grains used are whole grains and not refined ones. Adding a few flaxseeds or sesame seeds while baking gives that extra crunch and nutrition to the already nutty earthy flavour of multigrain bread. 

With all of this information picking your kind of bread should be a lot easier.  As for recipes you always have SanjeevKapoor.com for that! What’s more, we have an entire playlist on baking for beginners on sanjeevkapoorkhazana on youtube! Watch and learn!

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