Top 5 Recipes for Sunday Binge

here are some recipes for you which will not take away lot of your Sunday time and are delicious too

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Top 5 Recipes for Sunday BInge

Every week, we wait for the Sundays way too much, but when it’s actually a Sunday, we literally do not step out from our rooms, or rather our beds. Binge-watching our favourite show on a Sunday is like a long-known ritual now. But with binge-watching comes some binge-eating too. We won’t recommend you to binge eat at all but sometimes indulging in our favourite foods on a weekend is a treat to yourself, which is much needed after a long and hectic workweek. Sunday lazy mood would not want you to do a lot of cooking of course so here are some recipes for you which will not take away lot of your weekend time and are super delicious to brighten up your lazy mood!

Let’s give you the top 5 recipes to go great with your Sunday Binge!

Desi Onion Rings:

You can never really go wrong with our very own desi recipes and these onion rings are proof. In not less than 15 minutes, you can have a plate ready of this Desi Onion Rings to gorge on. These batter fried onion rings, crisp and bursting with deliciousness is the perfect recipe to make the most of your Sunday Binge watching!

Paneer Corn Bread Pakoda:

Paneer and corn are two of the most loved ingredients for many, and these two favourites are put together to make this dhamakedaar recipe. This is a slightly twisted version of the regular bread pakoda you love! Paneer-corn sandwiches dipped in gram flour batter and deep fried to satiate your deep-fried cravings immediately.

Pumpkin Pancakes:

Pancakes are already a loved dish for all and with pumpkins, you can even add some nutrition to these. Fresh pumpkins are now in season and this is the best way to make the most out of them. They add beautiful colour to these pancakes and provide you the necessary nutrients. Garnish it with some kiwi pieces and honey, and it’s good to go!

Chicken Veggie Wrap:

Marinated chicken grilled and wrapped in tortillas with some veggies and mustard mayonnaise makes this delicious Chicken Veggie Wrap. This works like the best quick-fix after a work week on a weekend. You can even make the vegetarian version of it by chucking out the chicken from it.

Tandoori Broccoli:

What’s weekend without some tandoor? But, this weekend move over the usual paneer and chicken tandoor recipes and try this Tandoori Broccoli instead. A little healthier than the usual ones and a lot tastier too. And if you planning to have a party or a get-together, you don’t have to worry about the starter menu.