Know your coffee

The ultimate guide to popular types of coffee

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Know your coffee

For many, their day doesn’t start without a hot cup of coffee. The aromatic and indulgent drink is a crowd favourite. Whether it’s your drink of choice while meeting your friends or just something to energise your body and mind while burning the midnight oil, you don’t really need an occasion to consume coffee. There are various ways in which this drink is made and enjoyed, and while we might have heard of its types, we don’t really know the difference between them and what makes them stand out. To help you clear this dilemma, here’s your guide to the kind of coffees so that you can try something new next time at your nearest Café or just make your own cuppa ar home!


Espresso is one of the strongest coffee concoctions where boiling hot water is passed through finely ground coffee beans into a tiny cup. It might sound simple to make but really difficult to master. Espresso is also the base for various kinds of coffee like Cappuccino, Americano and Latte.

Cafe Americano

Cafe Americano is one of the most consumed coffee kind in the US. Made using a single shot of espresso with warm water, this coffee is slightly diluted compared to Espresso. History has it, during the World War II, Americans used to add water to the coffee to make it last long due to limited rations. Post war many American baristas adopted it and thus became a crowd favourite.


One of the most popular kinds of coffee, Cappuccino includes one shot of espresso with some steamed milk, which is then followed by a thick layer of foamy milk, and garnished with chocolate powder and sprinkles on the top. The coffee tends to be slightly on the bitter side, perfect to boost your mind on a lazy afternoon.


Latte comes in a slightly milder category of coffee. It uses one shot of espresso along with steamed milk and minimal amounts of foamy milk to top it off. Usually known to be frothy, due to the presence of steamed milk, Cafe Latte tends to be on the sweeter side.

Flat White

Originally from Australia and New Zealand, Flat White is very similar to Latte, as thick steamed milk is added to one shot of espresso. However, the milk isn’t frothy, but in fact, more creamy which gives out a thick and heavy texture.


If you’re looking for a strong coffee blend with the subtle taste of milk, Macchiato might be perfect for you. Macchiato takes the strong espresso and blends it with foamy milk, which is served in the tiny espresso cup. Even with the presence of milk, Macchiato is a strong coffee blend since it is a foamy milk, which helps espresso retain its concentration.


Often referred to as Mocha, it is basically Latte with the inclusion of chocolate sauce and whipped cream. This is known to be perfect for people who want to enjoy the caffeine-induced delicacy with the notorious chocolate sauce in the mix.


Looking for a caffeine-infused dessert? Affogato might be just the thing for you. Preferred during warm summer afternoons, Affogato is simply a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with a single or a double shot of espresso. The sweetness of vanilla contrasts marvelously with the strong aromatic espresso resulting in a delicious treat for your taste buds.

Here are some coffee recipes for you to try out.