The world of Coffee Art

The concept of coffee art & its types, let's know it all.

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The world of Coffee Art

What is coffee art?

The world bonds over a cup of coffee in so many ways. Be it a professional meeting, a date, office breaks with friends, etc. Its aroma itself is so strong that it can turn simple things intriguing. To add more beauty to each sip and its mere glance, the concept of ‘coffee art’ has taken the centre stage in recent times. 

Coffee art consists of edible foam shaped into beautiful designs on a caffeinated beverage. It does not just make it aesthetically pleasing, but also makes it a popular art form, which is a very unique concept in itself. Considering the intricate design forms, it requires a skilled barista to create coffee and the desired design on it. 

How it all began? 

It all started in the 1980s when the 2 things, espresso shot and steamed milk were paired together. You’ll be surprised to know that it was discovered accidentally, turning the barista, a painter and coffee as their canvas to paint picturesque art forms. Eventually, as time passed, the art form technique took up pace and 2 forms came into picture, that is, the ‘free pour art’ and ‘etching.’ 

The world of social media also played an important role in popularising this trend and today even the smallest of cafes practice this art form. Infact, coffee lovers across the world are trying it out in their homes too! 


Free Pour

One of the most well-known forms is the free pour, which as the name suggests is made during the pour. What does it need? The right coffee temperature, patience, steady hand movements and creativity. 


This art form involves the creation of a design using a slim stirrer from the pre-existing foam on the coffee.

Both these techniques are put into use to create some of the most fascinating designs that can create shapes of flowers, animals, portraits, etc. So, if you get the opportunity to grab that irresistibly charming cup of coffee, don’t give it a miss! As it’s not just a beverage but an experience.