Keep calm and sip on hibiscus tea

Probably the best benefit about drinking hibiscus tea is that it helps greatly in calming your nerve

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Keep calm and sip on hibiscus tea

Probably the best benefit about drinking hibiscus tea is that it helps greatly in calming your nerves, helping you relax and keeping your blood pressure in check - a luxury in today’s hectic lifestyle. With its natural anti-depressants it helps put you in a pleasant mood and get into chill mode. The benefits of this floral sweet beverage don’t stop here - right from fighting infections to removing pimples, each sip of hibiscus flower extract infused tea can help you reach the goal of a healthier and fitter you. 

Read on to find out why this is the biggest trend to hit the detox food frenzy of 2016.

Wash away your woes
The fruity acids in hibiscus benefit your digestive system brilliantly. It is a powerful laxative which ensures a healthy gastro intestinal system. People who suffer from stomach problems like constipation should make sure they sip on a cup of naturally healing hibiscus tea rather than stuff like chai and coffee – that really do nothing good for your digestive tract. 

Fluid balance
A great diuretic, hibiscus helps you balance the fluids in your body because of which it used as a cure for oedema or excess water retention in the body. It helps in the removal of fluids from the body without the wastage of the nutrients and minerals from the same. It might mean more rounds to the washroom, but it also less pressure on your kidney, controlled blood pressure and improved liver function.  

Reverse your skins age
Vitamin C present in hibiscus flower extracts helps reduce the growth of acne and even cures scars from the old ones. Besides this, the antioxidants in them also almost reverse the process of skin aging. So anyone who doesn’t like pimples and wrinkly skin should opt for this in their diet.

All season hit
Hibiscus is one of those fabulous ingredients that are truly multipurpose. It has plenty of vitamin C which along with the anti-oxidants help to keep away colds and flu’s during cold winter months. During the hot summer months sip on an iced version of the very same hibiscus tea and it will help you cool down your body temperature. This one’s an all season hit!

Get skinny
Hibiscus contains a pigment known as amylase which helps in the breakdown of starch into simpler sugar and slows down its absorption into the blood stream while speeding up your body’s metabolism - a boon for those who can’t do without their dose of junk and yet want a slim waistline. Hibiscus extracts are often a part of natural weight loss products. 

Cancer immunity
It is rich in anti-oxidants which are the best cancer fighters we can find in natural foods. It contains free radicals that help boost immunity against several diseases including cancer. Hibiscus plant extract contain a compound Gossypin which has been found to effectively reduce the inflammation and growth of cancer cells, especially melanoma, a type of skin cancer.

Your period won’t be a pain
No need for hot water bags, pain killers and tons of ice cream, just sipping on this pretty looking glass of tea is good enough to take care of all your period problems. Right from easing cramps, tackling mood swings to binge eating – hibiscus tea with its anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and appetite crunching properties feels like the warm hug you constantly need, those days of the month.

Fancy and fantastic
If all these benefits to your health are not good enough to make you tag onto the hibiscus tea rage, then the fabulous taste of it surely will. Sweet, floral and citrusy with just the right hint of tea – your taste buds will get hooked onto this one! It is also known as sour tea because of its slightly tart taste.

Here is our tried and tested super hit recipe! - Hibiscus Ice Tea

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