8 interesting recipes to try out with prawns

Some Desi and Firangi recipes to try out with prawns!

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8 interesting recipes to try out with prawns

Prawns are something that a lot of people who aren’t even big fans of seafood, would happily indulge in. And why not! They are fuss free, super quick to make and easily available all through the year. The best part is that you can make a bunch of Indian and international recipes with this versatile seafood. Here are a few great options across different courses and cuisines for you to try out.

Prawn Ball Soup 

Spiced prawn dumplings in a clear broth topped with some crackling spinach – this soup is packed with simple delicate flavours of prawns in each mouth full. If you are a fan of prawns and want a simple recipe to satisfy your cravings – this soup is what you should treat yourself to.

Crispy Chinese Style Popcorn Prawns 

Bite sized crispy chunks of prawn served with a spicy tomato, ginger-garlic sauce, this recipe is perfect for a party or a get together.  Simple to make easier to eat, these are way more addictive than popcorn. So make sure you fry a big batch of them.

Malai Pepper Prawn Kebabs

Jumbo prawns marinated in a malaidaar marinade made with fresh cream, ginger-garlic and plenty of freshly ground peppercorns. These are skewered with colourful peppers and char grilled to perfection on a simple grill pan. This good looking recipe is a delight to all your senses.

Tangy Solkadhi Shots with spicy Prawn Golgappa

This recipe is going to strike a chord with fans of prawns as well and paani puri. Crisp golgappas stuffed with a spicy prawn masala and served with tangy kokum solkadhi shots. A brand new twist to paani puri, this one is perfect to serve at a party if you want to get accolades.

Spaghetti and Prawns in a Creamy Tarragon Sauce

Prawns and spaghetti tossed in an herby lemon cream sauce flavoured with garlic and leeks. This recipe is perfect with prawns because the delicate flavour is a perfect match with the creamy tarragon sauce. The only way to know how simple and good this is to try it out yourself!

Prawn Gassi

It would be unfair if we speak about prawn recipes and not share a Prawn Curry recipe with you. This flavourful thick curry made with fresh prawns, coconut milk and a freshly ground red chilli masala paste is from the coastal city of Mangalore in Karnataka and tastes best with neer dosa or steamed rice.

Quick and Simple Prawn Pulao

This leisurely pulao can be made in minutes and with very little effort. Prawns and rice tossed with whole spices and fresh coriander simmered in coconut milk till cooked to perfection. Serve this simple delicious prawn pulao with some yogurt raita and you have a delicious meal ready in no time!

Poha Prawn Biryani

Succulent prawns cooked with pressed rice or poha, a much healthier alternative to the traditional rice you would normally use in a biryani –it is the best way to indulge your biryani (and prawn) craving without giving into the carb temptation. Plus this microwave version gets made in a jiffy giving you just enough time to whip up a delicious raita to go with it.