6 dreamy Chocolate Pudding recipes

Chocolate Pudding day the way it was intended to be celebrated – with complete indulgence!

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6 dreamy Chocolate Pudding recipes

Pudding is one of those desserts that is very difficult to go wrong with and when you add the goodness of chocolate to it – satisfaction is a guarantee. Luscious, creamy and chocolaty – take a look at these 6 pudding recipes which are the perfect for a day of complete indulgence.

Self-Saucing deliciousness

A rich delicious chocolate pudding baked with a generous drizzle of a bitter coffee sauce so when you cut into the pudding you get a huge chunk of gooey deliciousness – this recipe is probably why we celebrate a chocolate pudding day!

Low fat and fabulous

Giving into your chocolate cravings while wanting to maintain a decent weight is a challenge most of us have faced and hence this recipe! Low calorie chocolate pudding made with simple healthy ingredients and really light on the tummy!

Steamed and sorted

Moist sweet and addictive this steamed chocolate pudding is the best way to end any meal. This one is a basic recipe so you can feel free to add some tweaks and variations of your choice. We suggest adding some walnuts to add some crunch and balance the sweetness of the pudding!

Dark and nutty

The richness of dark chocolate is cut through with the sweet nutty freshness of coconut. It is one of those recipes which you can whip up in in less than half an hour – perfect to satisfy those instant chocolate cravings!

Hot chocolate

This one is like biting into a fudgy goey version of drinking chocolate but 10 times better. What makes this dark chocolate pudding stand out is the citrusy orange cream it is served with because trust us when we tell you that dark chocolate and orange are a combination made in food heaven.

Rice pudding, but better 

Rice pudding is the ultimate classic and when you add chocolate to it, it just gets a whole lot better. Check out this simple recipe which also has some citrusy orange rind to add to the magic!