Cheesecake Flowers

Cheesecake served differently – cream cheese mixture piped as rosettes over biscuit layer and served. This recipe is from FoodFood TV channel

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Cheesecake Flowers
Main Ingredients Cream Cheese, Sugar
Cuisine Fusion
Course Desserts
Prep Time 0-5 minutes
Cook time 51-60 minutes
Serve 4
Taste Sweet
Level of Cooking Moderate
Others Veg

Ingredients list for Cheesecake Flowers

  • 10-12 Cream Cheese
  • 4 tablespoon Sugar
  • 2 tablespoon Cinnamon powder
  • ¼ cup Melted butter
  • 1 cup Cream cheese
  • 10-12 Dark chocolate cream biscuits
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla essence


  1. Grind together digestive biscuits, 2 tbsps sugar, 1 tsp cinnamon powder and butter to a coarse mixture.
  2. Put this mixture equally into 4 serving bowls and press lightly.
  3. Put cream cheese in a bowl and whisk well.
  4. Put heavy cream in another bowl and whisk till thick.
  5. Add whisked heavy cream to the cream cheese and mix well till smooth. Put this mixture into a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle and pipe outrosettes on the digestive biscuit mixture. Keep the bowls in refrigerator till set.
  6. Grind together dark chocolate cream biscuits, remaining cinnamon powder, vanilla essence and remaining sugar to a coarse mixture
  7. Top each rosette with some of the ground chocolate mixture and serve chilled.

Nutrition Info

Calories 2821
Carbohydrates 253.3
Protein 35.7
Fat 185