Unique Pulao Recipes to spice up your lunch or dinner

The perfect comfort food.

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Unique Pulao Recipes to spice up your lunch or dinner

While Biryani might be quite a crowd favourite, making them can be quite a task. That’s when a good old pulao comes to the rescue! Delicious rice cooked in flavourful spices and lip-smacking masalas, along with other vegetables or meat; It is a comfort food that never gets boring. There are many ways you can make pulao and if you’re looking to create some interesting ones, we’ve curated a list of pulao recipes that are just perfect for you to try.

Shahi Pulao

If you want to bring something royal on the table, you couldn’t go wrong with this recipe. Rice is cooked with rich dry-fruits like almonds, raisins, dried apricots and later topped with shredded beetroot which gives it a beautiful pink colour. You could serve it as a standalone dish with yoghurt or alongside butter paneer or chicken. Either way the combination will be delicious.

Masoor Keema Pulao

If you want to make your evenings more flavourful and spicy, the Masoor Keema Pulao will be perfect. In this recipe, masoor daal is cooked with minced mutton, along with a bunch of flavourful masalas, ghee and yoghurt, which is further cooked with long-grain basmati rice. This pulao goes perfectly well with regular yoghurt or a flavourful raita.

Quinoa Pulao with Mixed Vegetables

If you’re looking for something healthier than regular rice, you could always go with Quinoa. This super food is rich in proteins and other nutrients that aren’t usually seen in vegetarian foods. In this recipe, Quinoa is cooked with basic yet flavourful spices and served alongside blanched and sautéed vegetables like babycorn, broccoli and carrots. A subtle and delicious pulao recipe for the health conscious.

Goan Mussel Pulao

If you like sea-food, then you’re definitely going to love this recipe. Coming straight from Goa, this simple yet delicious pulao recipe requires cooking rice with mussels in an array of masalas like turmeric, chilli powder and the flavourful Sunday masala. The use of mussels releases a distinct aroma that adds to the overall flavour. This pulao is perfect as a standalone dish due to its rich flavours and a perfect treat for a lazy afternoon.

Chukandar aur Corn ka Pulao

This delicious recipe uses beetroot and corn as its star ingredients. Beetroot is known for its nutritive benefits, and corn goes great with almost everything. Moreover, beetroot also give the rice a rich red colour, that makes the rice standout. The crunchy corn in the mix along with lip-smacking masalas makes this a recipe that is hard to resist.