Traditional Indian beverages to make your summer, just fine!

Beat the heat & quarantine blues with these Traditional Indian Drinks

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Traditional Indian beverages to make your summer just fine

It’s summer time, when not just during days, but also at nights, we usually tend to consume a lot of chilled coolers. On the contrary, we can’t forget about the global pandemic crisis at present. With the passing days, it’s becoming more critical to build our immune systems stronger to fight off the COVID-19. It feels monotonous to stay indoors but that’s the need of the hour, as well as eating and drinking right to keep the body fit. As we are mostly spending our days in the confinement of our homes, still, whatever little time we have to go outside for emergency chores, its necessary to keep ourselves hydrated. This is where these summer coolers come to rescue!  

 We know the fact that water does help the body in many ways, but we also need beverages meant beyond survival. This means we need something that can supply a good amount of nutrition and our fun too! And when these are the criteria, nothing beats the good ol’ desi repertoire of ghar mein bane beverages – everything from aam panna and shikanji to lassi, chaas and beyond. The list is delightful, never ending and unbeatable when it comes to the purity and sheer joy with which these are made to enjoy with family and loved ones.  

 So, to refresh the memories with some gharwala swaad, we’ve got a list of our favourites. Don’t forget to share yours too. 


  1. Aam ka Panna

Remember when you had a heat stroke, your mom quickly made a glass of this lovely beverage with shandaar kairis of the season? And that made everything right! Indeed, aam panna is life-saving and one of the most refreshing drinks for summers. Due to excessive sweating, the body tends to lose iron and sodium chloride, and this drink helps to fix that! It also helps to beat the quarantine blues by fighting depression and stress. Aam panna is also known to increase resistance against diseases such as tuberculosis and anaemia.

  1. Jaljeera

One of the most loved and special ones, jaljeera, literally translates to ‘water’ (jal) and ‘cumin’ (jeera). With a tangy and spice-laden flavour profile, this beverage has been popular on the streets of North India. Traditionally, jaljeera was made in a matka, a mud clay pot, which kept the concoction alkaline in nature and also naturally chilled. This beverage is great for immunity, strives against acidity, treats nausea, detoxifies the body and above all keeps the body hydrated. What are you waiting for? Have one and stay in the best of health and spirits.

  1. Lassi

There is nothing like finishing a gratifying meal with a glass brimming with thandi lassi. Shouldn’t you prefer this beverage as a sweet dish to actually end your meals in a more gratifying as well as nutritious way? Also, you wonder how the Punjabis glow with pink cheeks? This beverage is one of the reasons for their youthful skin! Besides this, it keeps you as strong as Dara Singh, as it aids in keeping the bones healthy. Not to forget, it improves digestion, prevents bloating, builds a stronger immune system and is high on probiotics. Thus, making each glass more worthy!

  1. Thandai

You see, it’s in the name itself – thanda means chilled/cool. Quite obvious, this age-old beverage had to feature in this list! And creating it is no rocket science either! All you need is a little patience, efforts and a lot of love! The best part is you’d be the captain of your own ship, and can try on the flavours which you and your family like. A North Indian speciality, interestingly, it’s not just a part of hearty treat on Holi and Maha Shivratri but also a popular summer cooler. It gives instant energy lift, aids in digestion, acts as an immunity booster and is a detoxification agent.

  1. Nimbu Pani

It is a perfect thirst quencher as it helps in fighting against the intense Indian summer heat. Perfectly gels with the present situation – “when life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade.” As it’s time to hang in there and pass this quarantine period with happiness. Our desi lemonade, it is the best and one of the most comforting drinks that cools the body instantaneously. Besides this, it rejuvenates the skin, curbs acidity, drives up the energy levels, is a natural weight loss promoter, blood purifier, has antibacterial properties and so on. Doesn’t it sound like an entire powerhouse of nutrients?