Wing it - Top 5 Chicken Wing Recipes

5 deliciously simple chicken wing recipes.

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Top 5 Chicken Wing Recipes

Whether it is game night or you just want to treat your family to some soul food – wings are always a great option. We bring to you these 5 deliciously simple chicken wing recipes that are also great monsoon munchies. What are you waiting for? Wing it!

Crispy Chicken Wings with Cheesy Dips

These crispy chicken wings are the best way to satisfy the fried food cravings that make an appearance ever so often during the monsoon. Simple spiced flour coated chicken wings deep fried to golden brown crunchy perfection and served with a creamy two cheese dip. You can never go wrong with this one – kids especially love it.

Barbecue Chicken Wings

Sticky, sweet, smoky and finger licking delicious – are the best words to sum up a classic all-time favourite like barbecue chicken wings. This recipe is super simple and is ideal for when you have guests over – probably to watch a match. Eating them can be a messy affair but completely satisfying too!

Air Fried Chicken Wings

These chicken wings are coated in a fresh red chilli, coriander, ginger and garlic marinade before being air fried to crisp perfection outside while they remain succulent and juicy inside. Air frying them makes them a lot healthier than deep fried chicken wings – so brownie points for that.

Hot Thai Chicken Wings

These chicken wings are on fire! Spicy batter fried crisp chicken wings tossed in a fiery sauce full of intense flavours of Thai red curry paste. If you like your wings hot then these wings are going to be your new favourite! About time you try them.

Indian Style Chicken Wings

Wings might be a videsi concept but we have put a delicious desi spin to it. Wings marinated basic Indian powdered masala coated in eggs and flour and deep fried to crisp perfection. Minimal effort maximum satisfaction – keeping it simple!