Know what’s the best alternative to paneer? Its tofu!

Get ready for a ‘tofu’tastic journey, with the special Tofu recipes, an alternative to Paneer!

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The best Tofu Recipes which are an alternative to paneer

Tofu has been the most underrated plant-based food of all times, previously being described as tasteless and even bland. If we travel back in history, just like other soy-based foods, tofu was also originated in China. It is said that the Buddhist monks with primarily a vegetarian diet, apparently introduced it in Japan in 1100 AD. Back then, it was known as ‘okabe.’ Also, it is believed that some tofu shops were located in temples and even monasteries. 

However, in present times, with a plethora of vegetarian dishes, new cooking techniques and innovative flavourful methods, tofu can now be used to make a variety of dishes – from snacks and main course to desserts, even beverages! It also comes in many types like black tofu which is made from black rather than yellow soybeans. Additionally, there is also sprouted tofu and pickled tofu that delivers a much more amazing taste. 

Doubtless to say, gone are the days when cottage cheese or our beloved paneer was the only mazedaar option for vegetarians. Gradually with time and with the wave of veganism coming into the picture too, tofu has sneaked in our diets and has become one of the better substitutes for paneer.

So, why not enjoy some recipes that we’ve handpicked for you to benefit from this protein-rich foodstuff. These are tasty and will bring a newness to your meals too. Get ready for a ‘tofu’tastic journey! 

  1. Tofu Dumpling

Dumplings are mostly everyone’s favourite and coupled with sauce or mayonnaise, it just becomes wow! But hold on, have you ever tried a tofu dumpling? If not, it definitely deserves to be introduced to your palate, at least once. It is indeed distinctive from the paneer, vegetable and any of the non-vegetarian versions, extremely satisfying and delicious too in every bite. Try it.

  1. Tofu And Vegetable Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are the centre of attraction in almost every family function, social gathering or any other special occasion. It’s crispy, full of taste and a perfect munching starter/snack. However, while keeping the discussion of vegetable spring rolls aside, we thought of tagging it along with the tofu. While this will be the perfect off diet binge, its nutrients will still be intact. Serve it hot and experience a taste like never before!

  1. Tofu Salad 

What do we usually have during high tea? Biscuits, cookies, traditional snacks, chips, pancakes, sandwich, etc.? Well, there are numerous foods you can probably think of. However, what if the evening is cherished with this rich tofu salad. It has the goodness of roasted peanuts and tamarind pulp too that makes it all the more interesting. You can enjoy a sweet and spicy taste, that is surely gonna make you slurrppp!

  1. Broccoli Aloo And Tofu Ki Sabzi

We’ve already given our hearts to broccoli in pasta and varied salad recipes. But, this time it has come with a twist, in the form of a sabzi. It’s tailor-made to give the bursts of various taste and flavours. The combined health benefits of broccoli, potato and tofu is definitely going to be a win-win situation for your health. So, we’re talking of Vitamin B, E, K, fibre and many more nutrients, all in one!,-Aloo-And-Tofu-Ki-Sabzi-KhaanaKhazana.html

  1. Tofu Soya Lazzatdar

This is definitely a shahi and lazzatdar recipe with soya. Tempting, full of antioxidants, high on fibre and proteins, cholesterol-free, amazing source of omega-3 fatty acids, etc. Once you take a bite of this with chapatti, parantha or whatever your favourite bread is, you’ll just exclaim, tussi cha gaye!