The Gluten-free food platter

Live better, Live longer and Live Gluten-Free with these recipes.

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The Gluten free food platter

Live better, live longer and live gluten-free. Yes! This must not be an alien term to you by now. As social media, the internet in general and supermarkets brim with the highly promoted advertisements left, right and centre. That owes to the current era we are living in, where people pay keen attention to their health. Hence, there is now a lot of variety when it comes to food choices. The trend of any brand or product that takes some extra miles to make one fit gets the central focus. Yet, do we all actually know of what we are investing our time, energy and money on? Well, the decision to choose a healthy lifestyle isn’t a bad thing and knowing more about it makes the choice easy and wise. 

Gluten is a common protein typically found foods made of grains like wheat, rye, barley, etc. –  breads, pizza crusts, cookies, pasta and so on. Gluten-free food ensures to strive against the celiac disease for people who might have the risk to be captivated by it or are gluten sensitive. The celiac disease affects the small intestine causing long term affects. On the other hand, a gluten-free diet to your surprise is not a current-generation trend, rather a term that showed its first-time presence in the early 1940s! During World War II when people were becoming malnourished as they had confined access to fruits, greens, grains, etc., gluten-free food came as the saviour. 

It’s all good to read, however, relatively difficult to stick to an absolute gluten-free diet. Having said that it’s always good to seek health than an ailment. So why not let some creativity and experiment kick in and make some out-of-the-box recipes this time. Here are some of our picks for you:

Cheesy Eggplant Casserole

To begin with, something cheesy and pestoish for that perfect gluten-free lunch or dinner of yours! And guess what? This dish makes the not so loved eggplant or brinjal, a star. You’ll be amazed to see how all the ingredients baked together result in a dish that is not just simple, but, tasty and quite indulgent too. We say, put this on the menu of your next party and get ready to gather the best of compliments coming your way!

Beetroot Walnut Salad

A salad can be the best way to rustle up a bowl of awesomeness, that too in minutes, beautiful looking, fab on the palate, nutritious and gluten-free too! Don’t you think so? Well, we’ve got one that will also suffice as a complete meal for you. Even the younger ones are going to love it. Try this colourful, super delish, nutrition-packed salad with the lovely beetroot, some exotic greens, walnuts and a bunch of other refreshing ingredients, sans gluten. Pack it as lunch for your dabba and you will not regret the decision ever. It’s going to treat your taste buds with a burst of flavours, while keeping you light and full at the same time. Trust us! 

Gluten Free Burger

One burger fits all! Isn’t it true that it doesn’t even matter whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, just a change in stuffing can make all the difference? The best burgers create divine stories which are juicy and messy. After all life is too short to miss on burgers! Still don’t believe then try out this gluten-free lamb burger to create your own memorable story.

Bajra Crackers

It’s so obvious to get magnetized to the attractive snack/food package we see in the market. This is mostly some out of the box food products or something posed to be revolutionary. However, our nature has gifted us foods that not just suffice our hunger but naturally bless our body with amazing health benefits. Bajra is one of those simple yet nutritious millet, and gluten-free too. Thus, these bajra crackers become the perfect partner for your snack attacks!   

Peanut Butter Mug Cake

Why to look somewhere else when you can have all the world’s happiness in just one mug? Yes! This will be by far the most loved recipe you will ever come across when it comes to appetite and nourishment. It’s gluten-free too. What else do you need? We aren’t kidding but it’s actually a child’s play as its super-duper easy and you’ll have something new to flaunt on your social media during the quarantine tenure and otherwise.