Must-try dal recipes for you!

Try these recipes and tell us which one is your favourite dal!

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Must try dal recipes for you

India is a home to so many varieties of dals- moong, tuvar, urad, chana, masoor and more. Hands down, dal is one of the top-most comfort foods, whether the Khichdis, soups, sprouted way or the usual way. We Indians cannot survive without a piping-hot bowl of dal along with some steamed rice in our lunch thalis for sure. Apart from the difference in shape, size, colour and taste, these dals carry exclusivity in their preparations all over India.  Every region has its own style of preparing it and different condiments too.

 Time to take a look at a few!

Dal fry: Starting with the classic dal recipe and we are guessing this recipe has made it to your dining table a lot of times already. Pigeon peas cooked in ghee and aromatic spices, served along with steamed rice tastes best. The most easy and quick to make dal recipe, is already a favourite to most of us. So try this recipe out and comfort yourself with this Dal fry.

Dal Makhani: A must-have in a Punjabi cuisine, prepared with urad dal and rajma, this creamy dal recipe is already a family favourite. They taste heavenly along with flaky Laccha paranthas and even steamed jeera rice. Also, fresh cream is its star ingredient, so don’t forget to pour some on the top and it will leave you licking your fingers for sure.

Sindhi Dal: This is a classic from the Sindhi cuisine but this dal is rarely eaten alone. The staple dish of Sindhis, Dal Pakwan which makes a great breakfast or snack in the evening. Chana dal cooked in flavourful and aromatic spices, and served hot with crispy and flat Pakwans. You just can’t miss out on this one!

Amti Dal: The traditional Maharashtrian dal recipe, slightly tangy, sweet and spicy, an all in one delicious dal for you. Aromatic curry leaves, olive oil, goda masala and jaggery are some of the exclusive ingredients of this dal. They can be prepared with a variety of lentils and tastes best served alongside chapati and steamed rice.

Konkani Varan: This one is another popular Maharashtrian dal which is famous in the Konkan region because of its cooking style. Chana dal cooked in turmeric powder and asafoetida gives immense flavour and aroma to the dal. You have got to serve it hot with a dollop of ghee. Serve it hot with steamed rice and comfort yourself on a hectic work day.

Khatti Dal: This dal recipe is famous amongst Hyderabadis and is a must-try for all. Tuvar dal cooked in so many aromatic and flavourful spices with a kick of tamarind pulp in it. This makes it tangy and absolutely delicious. Craving for something Khatta, try the Khatti Dal recipe then!

Panchkuti Dal: Gujarati cuisine has been known for a sweet tinge in their cuisine always. But this dal recipe stands out, Panchkuti Dal with chana, with a mix of dals is cooked in a flavourful tempering and some kokum petals makes this dal a spicy and exclusive recipe. Just a piping hot bowl of this dal on a rainy day, perfect combination for all.

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