More reasons to eat mushrooms!

Make room for mushrooms because after reading this, they are definitely going to be your favourite!

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More reasons to eat mushrooms

There is a limited list of foods which are both great in taste plus healthy too- mushrooms top that list with great taste and loads of health benefits. They are also one of the most compatible ingredients that you can literally add to anything and it will enhance its taste, be it pizzas, pastas, risottos, salads and many more. They are also said to be the perfect substitute for meat for the vegetarians, both texture and flavour wise. And we have got you some great ideas too to add mushrooms to your daily diet!

So, make room for some mushrooms because after reading this, they are definitely going to be an addition to your list of favourite foods (if it’s not there already)!

What are their benefits?

  • Best for Vegans: If you are on a vegan diet, and you are worried about losing out on Vitamin D, worry no more! Mushrooms are the only non-animal food which is rich in vitamin D and can provide you with your daily dose of them naturally. Mushrooms are a great source of protein for the vegetarians. It also contains excellent amounts of other minerals and amino acids which are necessary for you.

  • Antioxidant rich: Mushrooms contain selenium which can strengthen your immune system well and protect you from various chronic diseases. It has anti-inflammatory properties and is also a rich source of iron which helps in treating anemia.  

  • High in fibre, low in fat: One of the exemplary foods rich in dietary fibre and ultimately helps you to improve your gut health.  It is also one of the foods said to have weight loss abilities and also improves metabolism. It also lowers cholesterol levels because it is low in fats and high in protein. They are also a good food for diabetics.

Types: Mushrooms are available in abundance and in India and has many varieties too. Button Mushrooms being the most common ones, you can even get them from your regular grocery shop. Shiitake are a favourite to the Japanese and is considered to be one of the best substitutes of meat; they also are the healthiest type of mushroom.  Oyster Mushroom is one of the largest types of mushrooms which is full of nutrients. Enoki mushrooms are best when added to the soups and stir-fries, they add a perfect texture and flavour to them.

Other popular types of mushrooms are:

  • Shimeji Mushrooms

  • Portobello Mushrooms

  • Porcini Mushrooms

  • Morel Mushrooms

Some recipes to try with mushrooms:

Creamy Mushroom Soup: Soups are never a bad idea and you are going to realise it with just a sip of this soup. Made with three different types of mushrooms, flavourful herbs, fresh cream and butter, this soup is going to be a favourite to all.

Mushroom Tikka:  Move over the usual paneer tikkas and chicken tikkas and try this Mushroom Tikka instead. Button mushrooms marinated in yogurt and a spice blend, skewered and perfectly baked. It can serve as a perfect starter recipe for any upcoming party or occasion.

Spinach Mushroom Bruschetta: Italian dishes can never go wrong with mushrooms. Mushroom enhances the taste for all of them and this Spinach Mushroom Bruschetta is the perfect example- Fresh spinach and button mushrooms in a flavourful spice mix and loads on cheese on a bread slice baked to perfection.

Mushroom Fondue: You might enjoy many fondues at your favourite restaurants all the time but this Mushroom Fondue will surpass every other fondue for sure. Made with button and shimeji mushrooms + loads of stringy cheese, enjoy this Mushroom Fondue with toasted bread croutons. It is sure to leave you wanting for more.

Kurkure Mushrooms: Bite-sized balls stuffed with button mushrooms, gruyere cheese, spring onions and deep-fried, a fusion recipe which you definitely need to try with mushrooms. This crispy snack will outrank most of your favourite fried foods for sure.