Microwave Cooking : Safe and Exciting

This article is about the safety of using Microwaves

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Microwave Cooking Safe and Exciting

                                                                Microwave Cooking : Safe and Exciting


Finally, the fears surrounding microwaves being unsafe for cooking and heating food can be laid to rest. The British Broadcasting Corporation acknowledged the safety of microwave cooking. In an article they clarified that microwaves are completely safe as it emits low-frequency radiation and food cooked in a microwave does not become radioactive. 

We live in a modern world, and so there are pros and cons of modern living and the use of a microwave is just one of those things. Nevertheless, some of the things that one must always keep in mind when using microwaves are, to keep the appliance in good working condition so that there is no leakage of the radiation; keep the door seals clean with no visible signs of damage to the other seals or the outer casing of the oven. Also, exercising caution so as to prevent harm to eyes and not overexposing oneself to the microwaves as the body can absorb it and produce heat in exposed tissues. 

AND, never ever COOK in plasticware. Plastic is only good for heating. 

As for the loss of nutrients from microwave cooking, the same can happen when cooking food for a longer duration in traditional cooking. 

Ready for microwave cooking now? Here are some recipes that you can definitely try making in your microwave. 

Cuppa Sheera

Sometimes all you need is a quick treat that will make you feel good. Just for that small cup of treat, here’s a perfect recipe for the traditional sweet. This is really fast as no roasting of semolina is required as such, except if you have already done the preps well in advance. Yes, roasting in ghee does make the sheera more rich, lending it a nice taste. Puris or no puris? It’s perfectly ok. We like it the way it is.

Cuppa Mince Biryani 

How about a savoury rice preparation with leftover rice and keema? A cuppa biryani. Yes, the way they make it in restaurants, just that way. Except that this time you will be cooking a very small portion size. Wondering if the mince and saffron drizzle too will be made in the cup? No. Some cooking is to be done in a pan. The assembling of the biryani is done in a cup, complete with sealing the biryani with dough and giving it ‘dum’. Enjoy.

Banana Chocolate Mug Cake

Talking of cup cooking and not trying a mug cake, IMPOSSIBLE. Now this is something that everyone would love to make. The Mug Cake is good for those trying their hand at baking for the first time. Also, good for those who are looking to shift from large portion size to small portion sizes. And this mug cake is just  the perfect recipe. Dust icing sugar to give a pro-like finish.


Microwave Eggless Chocolate Cake

With that successful mug cake, I am sure you are now ready to take up this project. And mind you, this one is without eggs and turns out just as delicious. The chocolate works its magic too. A soft, thick cake. Just follow the instructions about the microwave as given and with respect to the cake tin too. You will get the desired results. Baking sure is fun. Isn’t it?

Soya Delight

How does it feel to be able to crave an elaborate dish and have it made in 30 minutes? That would be amazing. Like this soya and veggie recipe that’s microwavable. The way you do it is, simply layer the ingredients as per the instructions and microwave for 15-18 minutes. Mix it lightly and serve hot. An awesome, healthy one-pot meal.

Now that we know microwaves are safe to use, do try the recipes and use the appliance wisely.