Menu for Today- Fusion meal

Here are some out-of the box fusion recipes in the form of a full-course fusion food meal menu.

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Menu for Today Fun Fusion meal

Fusion food, a mix and match of regional and international cuisines, is one of the most popular food trends in today’s world. It can also mean a perfect blend of different ingredients and cooking techniques to create a delicious fusion of flavors. These days a lot of exotic and foreign ingredients are teamed up with our very own desi ones to create a magic on the palates. It not only caters to a brand new generation of food choices, but it also gives you a chance to push the envelope on creativity a bit further with each recipe you try. And today we are sharing some out-of the box fusion recipes in the form of a full-course fusion food meal menu. Take a look!


Chicken Tikka Salad:

Not only is this salad a five star in terms of its full-on fusion feel, but it is also high in the health and taste quotient both. Chunks of succulent chicken tikka tossed with lettuce, plenty of fresh herbs and a pungent mustard, tomato and balsamic vinaigrette with crunchy toasted almonds sprinkled over for good measure. Start your fusion meal with this delicious salad recipe!

Snacks and Starters

Olive Ke pakode

We Indians not only like to give our desi touch to Videsi recipes, but we also like to name them in our own desi way. For eg: These Olive ke Pakodes are actually a popuar snack in Italy, known as Olive al Escolana. But, pakodes sound so much more exciting right? These tart flavoured olives, balanced with a cheese stuffing inside them and a crunchy breadcrumb coating outside are the perfect snack for you to try.

Pav Bhaji Fondue

Pav bhaji is a one of the most popular all-time favorites and also a classic street food of Mumbai. And, we have got a fondue version of this humble street food that takes up its style quotient to another level. Crisp buttered bread croutons dunked into a spicy mixed vegetable bhaji. It’s best to serve this fancy fusion recipe as a starter before your heavy fusion main course dish. Simple and delicious!

Main course

Triple Chicken Schezwan Rice

Medley of rice tossed with spicy Schezwan chutney, chicken gravy and crispy fried noodles is a prodigy of our very own Indo-Chinese fusion style cuisine. It can serve as perfect recipe for both lunch and dinner. Making it is a slightly lengthy process, but a very easy one. You just need to get your prep in place.

Desi Lasagna:

Lasagna is one of the most popular and oldest types of pasta. But, have you ever heard of a desi lasagna? Yes, it exists! Replacing the lasagna sheets with the good old rotis, chunks of soya, loads of white sauce, and cheese to top it all, this lasagna takes fusion food to the next level. A vegetarian one-pot meal, this is a perfect main course option for your fusion meal.


Basundi Pannacotta

Fusion cooking stands incomplete without a mithai fusion recipe. So, here’s a classic Italian dessert with a fabulous Indian makeover- Basundi Pannacotta. The cardamom spiced custard topped with fresh grapes, kiwi and mint is a surprise to your taste buds. This recipe is a reasonable example of why fusion food is too good to be missed out on!

Gulab Jamun Custard:

Gulab Jamun itself is such an amazing mithai, wonder what it will taste like when it gets a fusion version. Stop wondering because you got to do some cooking! We have got you the recipes of a blend of this classic Indian mithai and an international dessert. Creamy vanilla custard and dense, melt in the mouth gulab jamun topped with a light jamun cream. This decadent dessert recipe is worth all the calories!