It’s a French fries story!

by Sanjeev Kapoor

Fried potatoes are a loved snack in many parts of the world. It is one of the most basic recipes, is easy to make, but is still the king of all appetisers. And the origin of this heavenly dish is as interesting as its flavour.


According to one story – fries first originated in Paris in 1789 by street vendors on the Pont Neuf Bridge, right before the uprising of the French Revolution. Although, Belgian historians claim potatoes being fried in the late 1600s. The villages along the River Meuse in Belgium commonly ate fried fish. And in the winter months, the river would freeze which naturally made fishing impossible. They then had to find other ways of getting food, which is when the villagers turned to their tubers and potatoes came in to steal the show!  It is believed that this dish was spotted by American soldiers stationed in Belgium during World War I. Since their official language was French, they nicknamed this dish – ‘French Fries.’ That is also how French Fries got to America.


What’s different between Belgian and regular fries?

There is not much difference in the traditional Belgian fries and classic fries.  Except, what stands out about Belgian style French fries is that it is fried twice. Also, the right choice of Belgian potatoes is very important and they always fry the potatoes in animal fat.  


Who eats the most fries?

It is a bit difficult to believe, but Belgium – the motherland of fries consumes more French fries than America. They typically serve it with a mayonnaise-based sauce and ketchup. 


Bizarre but delicious ways of eating fries 

So we did some research and found some combinations with fries which you never could’ve thought of.

  • In many countries, especially, there is a variety of sauces that are made specially to be eaten with fries.
  • Some people actually prefer to dunk their fries in a big glass of milkshake and eat it. It sounds funny, but it is very tasty.
  • This is a trending variation of fries. It is made with loads of cheese, could be cheddar, processed or melted.
  • Fish and fries are one of the most popular combinations and definitely worth a mention.
  • For the meat lovers, French fries topped with minced meat and served with delicious sauces is a dish that will definitely put you in a food coma.


Craving French fries now? Dive into these recipes to try some tasty variations of French fries. You can thank us later!

Perfect French Fries 

A classic French fries recipe is the easiest one. Try this with a burger or a club sandwich with a side of milkshake, and you have a meal!


French Fries Topped with Chilli Sauce

Fries amidst chilli sauce is exactly the spicy twist a French fries lover could ask for.


Cheesy Baked Fries

Fries baked with loads of melted cheese is a fries’ lover’s paradise. Try this recipe for your next house party.


Avocado French Fries

Avocado in everything? Then this recipe is just for you.

French Fries Overloaded

French fries with chunks of meat and loaded with a cheesy sauce is a must-try for all meat lovers.


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