Ghar ka Dabba

Looking for some exciting tiffin recipes for your kids? We have got some ideas, take a look!

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Ghar ka Dabba

Opening your kid’s school bag and finding an empty tiffin box, definitely puts a smile on every parents face. If you want to make this a regular occurrence in your household, we’ve got just the perfect recipes which will make your child look forward to lunch time. Check out these simple recipes on which are nutritious and fun snacks, perfect to make a delicious dabba, for even the fussiest kids.

Rainbow Sandwich

This simple three tier sandwich is probably the best way to make your kids eat veggies like spinach and beetroots with them even knowing it. Veggies pureed into delicious chutney slathered over buttered bread – it makes a perfect nutritious lunch.

Cheesy Aloo Wrap – This one can literally be made with any kind of aloo ki sabzi and simple rotis. The ingredient that makes it indulgent is plenty of cheese, which melts as the wrap is grilled on each side. Super simple and even more delicious.

Poha Croquettes

These cutlets are perfect as an evening snack and for your child dabba. Boiled mashed potatoes, poha and crunchy cashew nuts add a different texture and taste to this aloo tikki recipe. Shallow fried till perfectly golden brown in colour these are delicious when served garma garam with some tomato ketchup.

Garlic and Pepper Fried rice:

Rice is one of the best options when it comes to lunch. This Garlic and Pepper Fried rice is the best way to sneak in healthy veggies to your kid’s tiffin. With a mix of three colored capsicums, this fried rice looks quite interesting and ginger adds a nice flavor to it. You can swap these vegetables with your kid’s choice and make it a delicious, healthy and filling lunch dabba.

Paneer Kulcha:

Paneer is something everyone loves, from kids to adults.  And we are sure that this recipe will bring a smile to your kid’s face. Soft paneer with a perfect spice blend stuffed and rolled into flaky kulchas makes for a delightful dabba. You can add some cheese to the stuffing to make it even more tempting.  Don’t forget to pack some yogurt and pickle along with it. Yummy and filling both, try this recipe for your next tiffin.