Corn soups from across the world

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Corn soups from across the world

With the monsoons on in full swing, the craving for a piping hot soup can’t be too far away. Why not take care of this craving with another monsoon favourite, corn! Yes, there are so many more things you can do with corn other than just grill it on the cob. Take a look at these 5 delicious corn soups to start with.

Corn espresso shots

Served in shot glasses this cream style corn espresso will warm you up way more than a cup of coffee ever can. The sweetness of creamed corn is balanced with a spice hit from chilli and the earthiness of bell pepper dices. We are sure you will love this one – just give it a shot, pun intended!

Mexican Corn soup 

Sweet corn, jalapaneos, colourful peppers and other delicious Mexican flavours come together like magic in this simple recipe. Perfect to look at and fabulous to taste this soup is like a warm hug on a cold day.

Roasted Corn and Cheese Soup

 The sweetness of freshly roasted corn kernels and the salty goodness of cheddar cheese make each spoonful of this soup perfectly balance. Serve this wholesome soup with some garlic bread or simply with soup sticks and enjoy a warm meal as the rain gods shower their blessings!

Sweet Corn Crabmeat Soup

This one is a flawless combination of sweet corn kernels soft crabmeat in a thick luscious broth. If you don’t get fresh crabmeat easily use canned or substitute it with prawns, chicken or just dices veggies - tastes just as good.

Champion Chowder

Soups are generally meant to be a low calorie meals, but not chowders, chowders are a true blue comfort food that satisfy all your carb cravings. This one made with potatoes and sweet corn is served in a hard crust bread bowl - works every single time. Add some shredded chicken or roasted mushrooms for some extra bite and variety.