Baked alternatives to your fried favourites

Popular vegetarian snacks that you can bake and get the health to taste ratio right.

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Baked alternatives to your fried favourites

We all love eating fried munchies whether it is French fries, pakoras or kachoris. Yes, it can get really unhealthy and calorie-heavy, but these deep fried delicacies are really hard to resist. If you’re still trying hard but are nowhere close to cease this craving, you could look at a different way of making those dishes – Baking. This would make those oily delicacies a little healthier while being easy on your body too. We’ve got a list of delicious vegetarian snacks that you can bake and get the health to taste ratio right.

Baked Doughnut

For those who didn’t know, Doughnuts are actually fried in oil and not baked. While this might scare you a little from hogging on these sweet rings of awesomeness, we’ve got a cool recipe where you can bake them instead of deep-frying them to keep it slightly healthier. A must try if you are mad about donuts.

Baked Onion Rings

One of the most popular snack to enjoy while binge-watching your favourite movie are Onion Rings - with a crunchy exterior and a juicy inside makes a wonderful snack in its entirety. While baking them instead of deep-frying already makes them a ton healthier, this recipe also has a quinoa coating on the outside which adds a different kind of crunch while enhancing the overall texture.

Baked Gujiya

These crunchy deep-fried pockets with sweet stuffing of almonds, cashews, and pistachios are a must on every festival or celebration; however a baked alternative never hurt anyone! Baking the Gujiyas is particularly a great idea when you want to make a large batch.

Baked Falafel

Falafels are usually made with chick peas paste along with spring onions, parsley, coriander leaves and breadcrumbs which are then deep-fried. However, the baked substitute has a unique taste of its own while staying healthy. You can use them to make a pita sandwich or even between burger breads to make delicious mini falafel sliders.

Baked Kachori

Ah Kachoris! These crunchy balls of awesomeness filled with spicy lip-smacking flavours are a timeless delight. However, the deep fried nature might make you take a step back, but by baking them, you can munch-on without any worries. Here is a fool proof recipe.

Baked Pakora

Aloo and onions coated in crunchy gram flour and deep-fried – pakoras are a must-have on a monsoon day. But indulging in these oily delights isn’t doing any good to your heart. However, what if you bake them instead? Yes, even the oil-drenched pakoras can be baked to perfection, making these a healthy indulgence.

Baked Cheese French Fries

These potato wedges are coated with parmesan cheese, cornflakes powder, parsley and garlic powder which is then baked after a drizzle of olive-oil, resulting in a golden-brown munchies which are crunchy on the outside and soft and flavourful on the inside.