Here’s a list of 6 must-try delicacies during monsoon:

Monsoon is here and we have listed out the best recipes for you to try out.

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6 must try delicacies during monsoon

Once you are done with the dirt and traffic, rains are truly a delight when it comes to fried foods and their bewitching aromas! Also, one cannot overlook the fact that they are a total relief from the scorching and sweaty summers. The arrival of monsoon brings along the cravings for those crunchy-munchies. We have some must try monsoon snacks which will help you make the most of this brilliant weather!

Mint Masala Chai

Monsoon without chai is just like a needle without a thread. Have you ever tried putting mint and Tulsi leaves in your masala chai? We are guessing not! A punch of pudina is refreshing enough to get you all pumped up for the day. (Especially when we are lazying around during a Barsaati Day!) Try it out and let us know if you loved this Minty Masala Chai.

Tomato and Fresh Basil Soup                  

We all love strolling around our homes and enjoy rains by sipping a hot cup of coffee or tea. Don’t we?  But this monsoon try a fresh Tomato and Basil Soup filled with chunks of mozzarella, which are just like a cherry on the top. Sip that soup like a boss!

Aloo Bread Pakodas with Imli Chutney

Are you getting those Fry-Fry Feels already? You can cure your crispy cravings by frying some garma garam Aloo Bread Pakodas with tangy Imli Chutney. Make sure they are crisp enough to make a crunching sound with each bite! Oh! What a delight!

Keema Kachori

The breezy and drizzly weather calls for some hot and flaky Keema Kachoris paired with dhaniye ki chutney. Kachoris stuffed with spicy mutton minced mixture with a slight taste of garlic and ginger to it, makes you want to eat them one after another. Get ready to fall in love with these Kachoris, because they are irresistible.

Chatpata Bhutta

Baarish without Bhutta is totally incomplete. We are sure you all will agree. So how about a buttery Chatpata Bhutta on a chilly day? Soft and sweet corn with a little bit of spice is the easiest to satiate your hunger for a while. Oh! And, kids love it too, so stressing over shaam ka nashta? Leave it to Chatpata Bhutta!

Chocolate Chip Brownie

Chatpata aur teekha ke baad meetha bhi toh zaroori hai na? This sizzling zara-hatke brownie is made with crushed chocolate chips and healthy digestive biscuit - makes you want to cheat on your diet. The best way to have it is along with a small scoop of Vanilla Ice-cream.

So what are you waiting for? You have all the reasons of being hungry now. Celebrate the splash with the blend of all these. Don’t forget to try them all and let us know your experience.