10 super simple starter recipes for any party

Planning a house party? But worried about the menu? Don't worry, we have got you covered.

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10 super simple starter recipes for any party

It is safe to say that if you get the starters in a party right then its half the job done. Take a look at an assortment of these simple snack and starter recipes which will ensure that the next party you are hosting is a grand success.

Kung Pao Potatoes

If you are looking for a simple potato recipe for your next party this is it. A colourful mix of bell peppers and crisp potato wedges tossed with sweet and spicy Chinese sauces. What make this recipe stand out are the roasted peanuts that add a fabulous nutty crunch in each mouthful. It is an all-time party hit.

Tandoori Mushrooms

This Tandoori mushroom is one of the most fool proof mushroom recipes to serve at a party. Button mushrooms marinated in yogurt and cheesy tandoori marinade and baked till the mushrooms are juicy and the cheese has melted. A mouthwatering starter which you can easily prep beforehand, warm up and serve them when your guests arrive.

Crunchy Mustard Chicken

 These fried chicken nuggets are coated in a pungent mustard marinade, crumbed and deep fried. Crunchy and golden brown on the outside, succulent flavorful and juicy inside – this simple chicken recipe is a definite crowd pleaser.

Baked Baby Potato Nachos

Baby Potatoes are finger foods ideal for parties and when you use them with another party favourite, Nachos - they really become a star at any gathering. Scooped out baby potatoes stuffed with delicious Mexian style nacho toppings like jalapenos, refried beans and cheese then baked. Served with crisp nachos a chilled out salsa and sour cream!

Tomato and Basil Sandwich with Mascarpone Cheese Spread

 This one is proof that the simplest things are the best. A classic combination of fresh tomatoes, basil and cheese sandwiched between slices of crusty bread. Best served cold, this simple bread recipe is an ideal sandwich for a hot day!

Schezwan Chicken Tikka

If you can’t decide between succulent chicken tikka and fiery schezwan chicken – try this recipe. It brings together the best of both. Chunks of chicken marinated in a spicy indo chinese style masala, skewered and grilled like a tikka – sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

Egg Pepper Fry

Don’t let the long list of ingredients in this egg recipe dishearten you because you can literally prepare it in less than 10 minutes. Boiled eggs sautéed in a basic Kerala style pepper fry masala – this tastes great with rice and rotis but Kereala style paranthas take it to another level!

Jain Paneer Rice Cutlet

 Cutlets made with cooked rice, cottage cheese, bell pepper dices, chillies and fresh herbs coated with crunchy semolina and deep fried. You can give these delicious puffs a healthy makeover by baking them instead of deep frying. This simple paneer and rice recipe starter is a great addition to a party menu.

Corn Cakes

The sweetness of corn balanced out with a spice hit from a thai red curry paste these potato and corn cakes are super simple to make. Along with a cup of chai or as a party starter for your next gathering –this snack recipe is perfect for any occasion.

Chocolate Cake

 A party without cake is just a gathering. Chocolate Fudge Cake. This cake is something you make once and then keep getting back to – it becomes a go to cake recipe every time you crave chocolate cake, which in our case is pretty often! Silky smooth chocolate ganache sandwiched between layers of dark chocolate sponge topped with more ganache and whipped cream frosting – now common! Who would say no to this?