Millets as Snacks

This article covers some millet-based snacks to celebrate the International Year of Millets

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  Millets as Snacks

Millets as Snacks 

In our very first article on Millets, we highlighted the importance of millets from the cultivators’ point of view, as a sustainable crop for the environment, for ensuring food security and of course the immense health benefits of these ‘nutri-cereals’ as food. 

We also touched upon the various recipes that can be made with Millets. So, the first in the series is about Millets recipes that you can have as a breakfast or snack. 

The start of the day should be healthy and what better than to have a filling, nutritious food. 

Here are some interesting ways to cook the Major Millets:

Ragi (Finger Millet)

Ragi (Finger Millet) is the richest source of calcium among Millets. It is also rich in proteins, fibres and iron. Also, the antioxidants in it help fight the body against infections in lowering stress, alleviating anxiety, depression and also aid with sleep. So here you have a couple of reasons to have Ragi. The following are some ragi-based recipes that you can easily make at home. 

Nachni Idiappam

Idiappam or rice flour noodles are popular already. Similarly, we can make delicious idappams with Ragi flour too. All you have to do is, cook the flour in hot water like you do for rice flour idappam or for modak dough. After it cools you put it in a chakli press with the sev attachment to get lovely sevai or what is called idiappam. Press the dough in a greased idli stand and steam it. 

When serving, arrange it as a nest with a tempered baby potato in the centre. Tomato chutney or ketchup to go with it.  A fun way for the kids to have millets.

Ragi Oats Dhokla

If oats is a must have for breakfast, then this Ragi Oats Dhokla surely deserves a try. For this recipe you take oats powder, ragi flour and split black gram flour and make a batter the usual way with the fresh spices. Nice and soft, it comes out really well. Serve with green chutney or ketchup. Delicious all the way. 

Jowar (Sorghum)

Off late, weight loss has been a huge concern to most people who live a sedentary lifestyle, eat unhealthy foods, and get no exercise among other reasons. Jowar-based foods are a great food to tackle these concerns and also improve the digestive system. Some of the other health benefits of this millet variety are, improving energy levels, boosting blood circulation, improved bone health and in controlling blood sugar levels. 

Wish to incorporate this amazing food in your diet, then here are some recipes to help you do that. 

Cabbage Jowar Muthias

You must have heard of, and even tasted Dudhi Muthias, a popular Gujarati snack. As interesting as the popular version, are these Cabbage Jowar Muthias. A wholesome and filling snack that is slightly sauteed in fresh and dry spices makes for a wonderful treat. Serve hot with green chutney or papaya chutney for a complete Gujarati snacking delight. 


Those who like paranthas or a snack resembling paranthas, then this jowar-based flatbread is a yummy recipe. Combined with rice flour, this flavourful flatbread is pan-fried on both sides and tastes delicious when served with yogurt or our all-time favourite mint/coriander chutneys and ketchup. 

Another version of this jowar-based flatbread is the Multigrain Veg. Thalipeeth, that has ragi flour in addition to jowar and wheat flours, mixed with cabbage and carrot and spices. Pan-fried and served hot with white butter, it is a delicious breakfast or brunch option.   

Bajra (Pearl Millet)

An extremely nutritious millet, bajra is immensely beneficial for diabetics, those suffering from conditions related to the heart, frequently experience irritable bowels. Bajra is also good for bone strength. It has plenty of magnesium that helps reduce migraines. The high dietary fibre and magnesium in Bajra help regulate blood sugar levels and keep the gut healthy. 

Bajra is ideally recommended for consumption in winters, as it gives heat to the body. 

Some exciting ways in which you can include Bajra in your diet are given below.  

Bajra Mathri

For lovers of mathri, isn’t it a joy to be having a nutritious Bajra Mathri? Even with little spice, the mathri is such an amazing snack. When it’s tea time, do bring out your special Bajra Mathri and see all enjoy their teas. Or pack a batch for your guests who are leaving for a long-distance journey. Take some to the office too. 

Bajra Wada

When hunger is a little big, then a Bajra Wada is what you must definitely make. And on top of it, frying makes all things even more delicious? This Bajra Wada is a delicious deep fried savoury snack that’s great with tea. A thick wada that is deliciously filling. 

We are sure, with the breakfast/snack recipes we have shared, you will be eager to make them. Do try with the recipe links provided.