Simple Maharashtrian snacks you can make at home

Most popular Maharashtrian snack recipes for you to recreate at home

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Simple Maharashtrian snacks you can make at home

If you enjoy your chai time snacks more than the main meals of the day – you will definitely have tried these Maharashtrian classics at some point! How about, this time you try making them at home? We have got some recipes for popular Maharashtrian snacks which are simple enough for you to make in your kitchen and delicious enough to make chai time exciting for everyone!

Batata Wada

Its only fair we start this list with vada pav! Food on the run for the ever so busy Mumbaikar, this gram flour coated deep fried mashed potato ball, sandwiched between slices of chutney slathered Mumbaiya style pav bread – an all-time hit! You can also try out a fancy baked version of this one. Here is the recipe.

Kothimbir Wadi

Crisp on the outside and soft inside these deep fried gram flour and fresh coriander fritters make the perfect evening snack with chai. The steamed vadi is cut into pieces and then fried to golden brown crunchiness. Serve with garlic or green chutney or even tomato ketchup.

Sabudana Vada 

Crunchy on the outside, soft and chewy inside – these delicious deep fried sago and potato vadas are a Maharashrian classic, especially during fasting days. Serve these piping hot along with some chilled sweet yogurt or coconut chutney and they will be wiped out in minutes!


To those who don’t know, Bhakarwadi is an addictive Maharashtrian snack made with refined and gram flour. The spiral bakharwadis are filled with a sweet-spicy mixture of coconut, poppy seeds and sesame seeds which are deep fried till golden and crispy. These bhakarwadis are a perfect accompaniment to lots of chai and gupshup.

Puran Poli

Thin wheat flour roti’s with a delicious puran stuffing in the middle. The puran which is made with a mixture of boiled mashed chanadal cooked with jaggery and cardamom powder melts as it hits your tongue. With a dollop of ghee or toop as it is known in Marathi, this sweet roti is nirvana for many Marathi food fanatics.