Recipe under 15 minutes – Quick Rice Recipes

5 simple rice recipes made in under 15 minutes !

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Recipe under 15 minutes   Quick Rice Recipes

The best thing about this grain is its versatility – by adding a bunch of veggies, fragrant spices, dals or meats you can create a number of rice based dishes that blow your mind and can rarely go wrong. Take a look at these 5 simple recipes, which, with the right kind of prep get made within 15 minutes of your time!

Fried Rice with Tofu and Edamame 

Chunks of soft tofu, crunchy green edamame beans and eggs make this fried rice a super healthy and nutritious meal. Bits of capsicum and sweet corn kernels add colour and crunch. All you need is some precooked rice and some tossing skills – a wholesome meal is ready in less than 15 minutes!

Jeera Rice

 Have it with dal, sabzi, curry or just some yogurt and pickle – jeera rice will always come through in satisfying your taste buds. Cumin seeds and select whole spices sautéed in ghee add plenty of flavour to plain rice when cooked together. With a final garnish of fresh coriander leaves a plate of jeera rice, served piping hot is the ideal form of comfort food.

Midnight Chicken Curry Pulao

With a little bit of innovation you can turn last night’s chicken curry and rice leftovers into a glamorous pulao. This recipe shows you exactly how to do it and that too in less than 15 minutes. Serve this with a side of some raita and a papad and no one will ever guess it was last night’s dinner.

Bean Vegetable Rice

This baked beans, mixed vegetable and rice stir fry is wholesome, nourishing and gets made in minutes and that’s not even the best part about it. A generous sprinkling of processed cheese is what makes this fusion recipe stand out amongst the rest.

Til aur Gur Ke Chawal

This one is a sweet surprise. Cooked rice cooked in milk sweeted with jiggery and topped with toasted white and black sesame seeds, dried fruits, saffron and cardamom powder. Who said you can’t make a rice, delicious, sweet dish in 15 minutes?