Milkshakes that you need to try ASAP!

Let’s explore some amazing recipes which are perfect for that ‘milkshake crave attack’ !

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Milkshakes that you need to try ASAP

You know you can enjoy some foods all around the year without getting bored at all. One of those things is milkshakes! Whether it’s a hot sunny day, a rainy evening or a chilly winter night, if someone is whipping up a creamy milkshake and asks whether you want some too, you just can’t say no. ‘The things we love the most hurt us’ is what we have been taught in our lives. But I guess, not in case of milkshakes. Whether it gives you a sugar rush or a brain freeze, there’s no stopping you from enjoying that thick and creamy glass of awesomeness! And with the developments in the culinary world, people nowadays have become more creative with the idea of milkshakes and curated ‘freak shakes’ which are an absolute delight for the taste buds as well are visually stunning. Let’s explore some amazing recipes which are perfect for that ‘milkshake crave attack’ and can be easily made at home fuss-free.

But first, a story about the milkshake and its existence!

It will come as a surprise to you but in the 1800s, the term ‘milkshakes’ referred to a blend which was more like an eggnog prepared with eggs and whisky, pretty much not suitable for children. Until 1911, whipping up a milkshake was not as easy as it today is, they used their hands to mix together ice cream, syrup and sugar to prepare this beverage. Thanks to Hamilton, the ‘drink mixers’ were developed, which are popular till today and has made mixing beverages simple and effortless. By 1922, the milkshake reached out to the heart of millions worldwide and everyone started to enjoy it. And then, the cool ‘blenders’ came into being and made life easier. By 1950s, milkshakes were officially a part of almost every restaurant’s food menu. Till date, we all can’t get enough of this popular drink.

Onto the recipe part now…

Sitaphal Milkshake

Custard apples are in season and there’s no better way to enjoy them than this lip-smacking milkshake. Whip it, serve it to your kids and enjoy the custard apple season with this fabulous recipe.

Anjeer Milkshake

You know how figs are extremely healthy and beneficial for our body. Including them in your diet is super easy with this milkshake, which also brings in a unique aspect and wonderful flavour with it. Try it out because this one’s too good to be missed.

Strawberry and Chocolate Milkshake

Two of your favourites combined together to make this excellent milkshake. It is sure to please the palates of both children and adults. All you gotta do is shake it up and gulp it down!

Vegan Banana Almond Milkshake

A milkshake can be vegan too! So, the ones who are on a vegan diet do not have to miss out on the best things in life. Prepared with almond milk and bananas, even the non-vegans are going to love this one.

Mocha Date Milkshake

A dreamy duo of dates and coffee together makes this milkshake so indulgent that it is going to leave you wanting for more. Add generous amounts of chocolate ice cream to it and enjoy the indulgence!