Life's too short to say no to cake!

Make your dessert and life a little more colourful with these amazing fruit cakes listed below!

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Life is too short to say no to cake

Cakes are something that gives you a warm hug on a bad day. They are an intricate part of our celebrations, special occasions, and whatnot. A party without a cake is no less than a meeting, right? This spongy beauty is a bundle of joy indeed that just melts in our mouth. To make a perfect cake is pretty easy, all you need is some attention, dedication and lots of love. 

We all love our share of chocolate cakes but fruit cakes have their special bar. On these hot summer days, to make you feel chill and comfortable, here are some summer special fruit cake editions for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, random dessert cravings, and whatnot. Make your dessert and life a little more colourful with these amazing fruit cakes listed below!

Mango Cheese Cake:

It’s summer and how can we make a dessert that doesn’t include mango! This creamy cheesecake served after chilling for a while and then taking a bite can be an ecstatically delicious journey for everyone. No one can resist mangoes and this cheesecake is worth all the calories!

Kiwi Upside Down Cake:

Let us take our fruit cakes to the next level. This spongy, buttery cake with some juicy, sweet kiwi will make you go head over heels with its flavours. The juice of kiwi settles down at the bottom which gives a luscious flavour to the cake and it will become your favourite in no time.

Lemon  Mini Cake: 

Time for some freshness and sweetness together. These cute-looking mini cakes which are quite easy to make can make you fall in love. This can be the best treat and dessert at your party which will rejuvenate your inner sweet tooth.

Orange Cupcakes:

A bursting orange flavour explodes inside your mouth in each bite. You can feel that the fresh tinge of tanginess and the splash of sweetness in every bite is a delicious lane to go on. This is one of the moistest and crowd-pleasing desserts you can have. 

Plum and Grape Tea Cake: 

Such an aromatic cake this is! You don’t believe me? Try it yourself. This sweet, rich and smooth cake can be had with anything at any time of the day. It’s just perfect to have this slice of pleasantness that can just give a comforting hug to your heart and tummy. 

Strawberry Fairy Cake:

Who doesn’t love cake especially if it is a cute little cupcake with yummy strawberry cream on the top?. These cute little cakes get their beautiful colour and delicious flavour from strawberries. One bite of this fresh strawberry cake can swoon you with its delectable goodness and spongy texture.