Interesting Parathas Recipes for the Day

We’ve got some really unique and delicious paratha recipes for you to try out

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Interesting Parathas Recipes for the Day

Indian meals are incomplete without the inclusion of rotis; and Parathas have a unique charm of its own. The scrumptious bread tossed in dollops of ghee, exuding intoxicating aromas through its layers- Oh so heavenly! Nothing can truly beat a paratha for breakfast, nothing! However if you’re bored of the regular paranthas and are wanting to shake things up a bit, we’ve got some really unique and delicious paratha recipes for you to try out.

Soya Paratha

Parathas are already a very healthy option for breakfast, however, this recipe takes it to the next level. The yummy paratha is stuffed with flavourful soya granules, along with some spices that not only adds to the nutritive value of the dish but also the texture. Pair it with a nice bowl of curd or raita to truly savour this dish.

Aloo Palak Paratha

Spinach is a great source of iron and other minerals and Aloo Palak as a sabzi is downright delicious. However, what if we bring the goodness of Aloo Palak to a paratha? The paratha gets a rich green colour thanks to the spinach. A delicious and healthy fusion for sure.

Chilli Cheese Paratha

Are you on a cheat day and are wanting to indulge in something cheesy? This Chilli Cheese paratha surely fits the bill. The paratha is stuffed with processed cheese, mozzarella cheese and spices. Paired with either dahi or some tomato ketchup, the end result is truly a yummy and gooey experience.

Anda Paratha

Want to include some egg in your daily breakfast? Try this paratha recipe to make things egg-celent! The recipe is simple however, it gets a little tricky while adding the omelette mixture to this. The omelette solidifies on the inside and blends phenomenally with the dough, resulting in a carnival of flavours. While this paratha might feel slightly tricky to make, the end result is truly amazing.

Gur Paratha

Looking for something sweet to start your day with? You couldn’t go wrong with this Gur paratha recipe. The classic paratha is stuffed with jaggery, along with almond powder, pistachio powder, sesame seeds and desiccated coconut. The jaggery caramelizes with the ingredients that give out so many flavours and textures! Definitely something truly out of the world.