Ganesh Chaturthi Special

Top 5 laddoo recipes - Go ahead, give it a try – you will be thanking us later.

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Ganesh Chaturthi Special

After two years that were consumed by the pandemic, we are finally going to celebrate Maharashtra's most awaited festival, Ganesh Chaturthi. This time, everybody is going to go big and high with the idol, decorations, lights, and most importantly, sweets! We are as excited as each of you are to invite our favourite Ganesha to bless our homes and hence, we bring to you, a variety of unique laddoo recipes. It's time to mix it up and go BIG with your celebrations!

Paneer Pethe ke Laddoo

This laddoo is testimony to why paneer is always a good idea – even in a dessert. Crumbled paneer and sweet petha, flavoured with green cardammon shaped into laddoos and coated in white chocolate. Insert a Popsicle stick in each laddoo and these become delicious choco pops which your kids are going to gorge over.

Sugar Free Oatmeal Laddoos

Amidst the calorie laden mithai and farsan this laddoo is something you can eat with much lesser guilt. Oats, dry fruits, nuts and desi ghee – all ingredients that are good for you rolled into gorgeous laddoos. A hint of khoya adds a bit of richness to this otherwise super healthy recipe.

Flax Seed Laddoo

There are a lot of people who are extremely concerned about their health and completely choose to avoud consuming sweets. This Flax seed laddoo recipe is perfect to serve your health conscious friends who visit your home for Ganpati blessings. Who said extremely delicious food items cannot be healthy?

Banana Laddoos

A mixture of ghee, desiccated coconut and mashed ripe bananas cooked with a slightest hint of sugar – till the mixture becomes dough like in consistency. This is then shaped like a laddoo, rolled in sesame seeds or cocoa and served as one of the coolest mithais of the festive season. You can go one step ahead and stuff these with your favourite dry fruits – pistachios and walnuts work well in adding some crunch to the soft laddoos.

Stuffed Moong Dal Laddoo

This festive season, create something extremely unique for your guests. Give them a surprise is each bite with this stuffed moong dal recipe. It is exceptional is taste and provides a wow factor to your table of sweets. Win the hearts of your guests with this sweet surprise! 

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