Detox water – good, bad or just a fad?

by Sanjeev Kapoor

With all the press that detox water is getting these days, one would think that you could shed kilos of fat, get glowing skin and shiny hair just by gulping a tumbler of fruit infused water in a day. But is it really that good, is it bad or is it just a fad? Read on to get all the scoop on the current phenomenon called detox water.

The basic funda 

Your body cleanses itself. That is the whole point of having kidneys, liver and a gastrointestinal tract. Drinking sufficient water – say about 8 -10 glasses in a day aids in this toxin removal through sweat and urine and when you add a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies to the water you just end up getting a lot more. A host of benefits in the form of vitamins, minerals, fibre and roughage from these veggies and fruits

get seamlessly added to your diet. 

To sum it up – detox water is two of the most basic fundas in life (i.e. drink lots of water and eat plenty of fresh fruit and veggies) gift wrapped, given a fancy name, a couple of celebrity endorsements and presented to you in a brand new avatar. 

More practicality, less magic

Well, any kind of detox diet will work as long as you drink sufficient fluid, limit your food intake to healthy nutritious things and indulge in some kind of physical activity as part of your daily routine. Same goes for detox water too. If you expect to eat a large pepperoni pizza for dinner, wash it down with a gallon of lemon-cucumber ‘detox’ water and wake up with a surfboard stomach or six pack abs – that would just be a case of wishful thinking and not detox.

There is really not much scientific backing on how detox water works in terms of health and nutrition, just plain old common sense. However one thing is for sure - this dressed up version makes you consume plenty of good old H2O which otherwise is very unlikely in the frenzied life we live these days. Also constantly sipping on a mug of water keeps away the coffee cravings, hunger pangs, fatigue and dehydration. 

So call it a great idea, brilliant marketing or a fashion fad there is no way this could be a bad thing, unless of course you are a disaster guru and go really wide of the mark with an impossible combination of ingredients. 

It’s an in-fusion thing
It is totally up to you. Infused water is one of those things that give you plenty of room to play around with flavour and ingredients. You can add herbs, spices, fruits and a few selected veggies to create your own concoction. We picked one of our favourites to get you started off.

Strawberry Lemon Detox water - It is like spring in a glass and sipping on it not only refreshes you and gives you plenty of essential vitamins and minerals but also aids in weight loss. Here is how you make it.

Hull and roughly chop about 12-15 strawberries. Mix it along with slices of 1 lemon, 8-10 mint sprigs, a pinch of cinnamon powder and sufficient water in a mason jar. Add ice cubes, stir and start sipping you way to a detox right away.

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