Cherishing the ‘not so interesting’ vegetables!

Surprise your family by making these boring vegetables in a lovely and delicious way.

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Cherishing the not so interesting vegetables

Even if people do not have a specific or favourite vegetable, everyone surely has one vegetable which they totally dislike and run from. The idea of chomping through a big bowl of vegetable salad can sound like a punishment for a lot of people. Especially fussy children who love junk foods do not want vegetables anywhere near their mouths. While some people are genetically wired to dislike certain vegetables, others just choose to neglect them. And also, you might keep your distance from specific vegetables as a kid, but always try it once in a while because our taste buds naturally change as we age. So we might end up liking a particular veggie which we hated as a kid. Now, there also exists a boring category of vegetables which have an image of being monotonous and unexciting. And, there are only a handful of people who enjoy these vegetables but we’re sure after knowing these yummy recipes, each and everyone is going to celebrate and cherish the goodness of these vegetables!

Brinjal Tiramisu

The first vegetable we have is brinjal, also known as baingan and is often looked upon as boring. Eggplant can be bitter at times and this leads a lot of people to dislike it. But this unique take on brinjal with a twist of dessert will awestruck you with its taste. A mixture of cottage cheese and tahini paste roasted with brinjal and stuffed into papad cones, topped with cream cheese and goat cheese.Yummilicious!

Bharwan Tinda Masala

Apple Gourd which is popularly known as tinda is one of the most unloved vegetables in Indian homes. From children to adults, people unanimously ignore this nutritious-packed vegetable. This wonderful Punjabi-style recipe of tinda stuffed with a unique masala and cooked with onion and tomato can surely change your opinion. Try to believe!

Karela Bhakarwadi

Karela, a.k.a bitter gourd is disliked because of its obvious bitter taste. But what if we say that bitter gourd can make an amazing snack, will you believe us? Try this delicious signature snack of Mumbai but with a not so bitter twist, Karela Bhakarwadi. Bitter gourd is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C and this one superb recipe is enough to make you fall in love with it. 

Lauki Kofta Curry 

Kofta is one true love of every foodie. Creamy malaidar or spicy versions both are just wonderful to treat our taste buds. But, you remember how sometimes your mom would make lauki koftas and it just took away all the fun from it. Well, don’t spoil your mood now and thank us for introducing you to this tasty curry. These yummy dumplings prepared with lauki and cooked in delicious, spicy, and flavourful gravy is all you need to love lauki. 

Podalanga Masala

Snake gourd is another vegetable that is rarely loved by people. This South-Indian special, healthy and masaledar sabzi is a mixture of deliciousness and goodness. The taste of coconut and curry leaves just enhances all the flavours. Pair with garma garam rotis for a hearty meal!

Surprise your family by making these boring vegetables in a lovely and delicious way. And after reading this, everyone can easily say, ‘Kaun kehta hai ki ye sabzi boring hai?’And if you’re looking for more inspiration and recipes, take a look at our Instagram page and enjoy the fabulous reel series of #KaunKehtaHai.