Busting a myth – low fat foods are dull!

by Sanjeev Kapoor

To lose weight, there are a lot of health factors that have to be kept in mind. A lot of people think eating very less will help them keep the weight in check, but, it isn’t so.  We don’t need to become weak in order to lose weight. We need to provide our body with the right amount of nutrients it needs, on a daily basis. It has gotten easier to find out how dietary fats affect the body. What foods suit one’s body and what doesn’t?  It only seems fare to provide the body with all kinds of nutrient it needs. And only that, not more, not less. Fats, thus, are an important nutrient not just to maintain the weight, but, also for the overall well-being of the body.

Fats help in absorbing fat soluble vitamins. There are different types of fats - ones that the body needs and others you should get rid of. Here is a list of the types of fats essential for the body:

Unsaturated Fats are mostly found in plant based oils.  If you are on a low-fat diet, most of your fat consumption should be from this category. Unsaturated fats are usually healthier than saturated fats. Foods like extra virgin olive oil, peanut oil and avocado are your pick here.

Saturated Fats are found in animal products like meat and dairy foods. They raise the bad cholesterol in the body which increases a risk of heart diseases. A healthy diet must consist of less than 10% of everyday calories from saturated fats.

Trans Fats is a variant that has been modified by a procedure called hydrogenation. It increases the shelf life of fats by turning hard at room temperature. This is the reason this type of fat is best for making crisp biscuits or chips. But, you might just want to consume as less trans fats as possible.


Now, time for some recipes:

Mixed Greens Salad with Orange and Poppy Seed Dressing

When you talk about low-fat, a salad recipe is a must. But if you have been trying to lose weight, we are sure you must have tried all salad variations you are aware of. Poppy seeds are high in fibre, adding bulk to your food which makes you feeling full for a long time.


Quinoa Pistachio Bars

Quinoa can help you lose weight but it depends on your consumption. With its many health benefits, this super food is a plant-based source of protein which is ideal for vegetarians. It is also a naturally gluten-free pseudo cereal.  Pistachios are also an amazing source of mono and polyunsaturated fats which help reduce bad cholesterol. Healthy fats decrease a risk of heart diseases.


Barley Corn Salad

With many health benefits of barley, it helps a lot in losing weight too. It helps feel full for longer hours by slowing the digestion process a bit. This colourful salad is easy to make and gets done in a jiffy! Try it.


Moong ki Chaat

A snack recipe with the most basic and healthy ingredients, and rich in protein too. It is a great dish for intake of nutrients, enjoy a delicious flavour and at the same time,  being low on fat.



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