7 casseroles perfect for a rainy day

Simple, indulgent and extremely comforting - casseroles are what we expect life to be.

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7 casseroles perfect for a rainy day

Simple, indulgent and extremely comforting - casseroles are what we expect life to be. Here are simple casserole dishes which work for every occasion. So whether you are planning a cozy family dinner or a big office brunch – these casseroles are a definite hit, especially to brighten up gloomy rainy days!

Big breakfast bake

This breakfast casserole is designed to slow you down on hectic weekdays and add to the leisure of weekend breakfasts. All the essentials – think crisp bread, crisper bacon, fried eggs, mashed potatoes and grilled tomato slices – served up in one big casserole dish – our kind of contentment.

Creamiest chicken casserole

A casserole like this is meant to warm the cockles of your heart. Mushrooms and chicken tossed in a cheesy sauce and baked till the top has a perfect gratin. Add your favourite vegetables and serve it along with some herb tossed rice or garlic bread and make a fuss free indulgent meal out of it.

Aamchi Mumbai missal

Ask anybody who has experienced the Mumbai monsoons in its full glory and they will tell you about how much magic a plate of piping hot missal pav can add to it. This casserole has all of it with the added goodness of plenty of cheese.

French fry overload

Your waistline won’t approve, but your taste buds will love it. Crispy french fries, meaty chicken sausages and creamy cheese sauce baked together. With ingredients like these you know you have a winner at hand!

Greek spinach and feta clafouti

This one is a Greek inspired casserole where chunks of creamy feta cheese and shredded spinach are cooked in a creamy savoury custard. Topped with fresh herbs and mozzarella cheese, this one is perfect to slather on a slice of crisp toast.

Roll n bake pasta plate

Making pasta in a bake dish is not rocket science, but this one does takes things up a notch. Sheets of lasagna stuffed with mozzarella and cheddar cheese rolled into little pinwheels and stacked in a bake dish layered with a spicy tomato sauce and topped with cheese. Family gathering or a fancy office party – this one fits right in.

Dream dessert casserole

This guilt free dessert is perfect in a large casserole dish because you do not need to worry about portion sizes with this one! Sweet cinnamon spiced pumpkins and pineapples topped with an ultra-nutritious dry fruit and seed crumble. Eating dessert without any guilt - one dream which just came true.