5 simple non vegetarian pulaos

Pulaos which make perfect one dish meals for every non vegetarian lover

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5 simple non vegetarian pulaos

Succulent meat, flavourful seafood or just simple eggs – if you must have a non-vegetarian meal more often than not then this page will put a smile on your face. Take a look at these 5 deliciously simple pulaos which make perfect one dish meals for every non vegetarian lover!

Yakhni Pulao

Each bite of this rice and mutton pulao is full of flavours from the stock and spices that it is cooked in. A sprinkling of fried onion adds more taste and texture. A Yakhni pulao is lighter on your stomach than a biryani would be but makes absolutely no compromise on taste.

Simple Prawn Pulao

This leisurely pulao can be made in minutes and with very little effort. Prawns and rice tossed with whole spices and fresh coriander simmered in coconut milk till cooked to perfection. Serve this simple delicious prawn pulao with some yogurt raita and you have a delicious meal ready in no time!

Chicken Berry Pulao

Pieces of succulent chicken, a light flavourful masala, perfectly cooked grains of rice and bits of sweet tart cranberries. This berry pulao is like the ones you will find in Parsi and Irani restaurants. It makes a perfect meal along with some kachumber.

Fish Kofta Pulao

This one is literally the best pulao to make if you have very little time on hand. Fish koftas flavoured with lemon chilli pickle and cooked with rice in stock –  this one is a perfect dish to make for a sea food lover.

Anda Pulao

This pulao is a great example of cooking up a good meal with simple ingredients in your fridge. Boiled eggs and potatoes sautéed in oil and the cooked with fragrant spices, herbs and rice till they all come together to make this simple egg pulao.