5 Deliciously Simple Khichdi recipes

Our 5 favoruite khichdi recipes - that guarantee minimal effort and maximum satisfaction.

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5 Deliciously Simple Khichdi recipes

On a gloomy day, when you want to enjoy a piping hot meal without toiling much in the kitchen, who comes to your rescue? Khichdi! That’s absolutely correct. This piping hot, one pot meal, topped with pure ghee, served with some dahi, achar, and papad is a heavenly comfort food. Now that the New Year celebrations are all over, we are back to our routine. The very first Monday of 2022, calls for our top favourite khichdi, which guarantees minimum efforts and maximum satisfaction. 

Palak Khichdi

The winter special, leafy greens incorporated into a khichdi, may sound a little boring but it is very far from that. The khichdi’s bright green colour and delicious taste of the butter, garlic and onion tadka make it a delight to eat plus it is so much healthy.

Guinness World Record Khichdi

It is the same khichdi recipe that won us a Guinness World Record at World Food India, so it is definitely worth a try! Made with a delicious mix of healthy nutritious Indian grains like bajra, jowar, ragi rajgira, spices, vegetables and ghee – it is tasty and loaded with desi nutrients.

Bhog Khichdi

Bhog khichdi or khichuri, prepared especially during durga puja, is a Bengali classic made with a mix of rice, dal and plenty of veggies. It makes a filling meal – partly because of the large spoonful of ghee that goes into it!

Bohri Khichdi

Bohri khichdi has all the elements of a good biryani minus all the efforts that go into making one. This basmati rice and toor dal khichdi is every non vegetarian’s delight as it is made with chunks of succulent mutton and flavourful spices.

Hare Moong ki Chass wali Khichdi

If you want something that is simple, tasty and healthy, then this refreshing khichdi is the one to try. Hare Moong ki Chass wali Khichdi is made with ingredients that are easy on stomach. Besides, the mild spices used in it make it a perfect comfort food.