4 greens to stay evergreen

Now that you’ve indulged all through the party season how about going green and light? Make the most

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4 greens to stay evergreen

Now that you’ve indulged all through the party season how about going green and light? Make the most of the seasonal salad greens that will have you going back for seconds. Refreshing, flavourful and healthy - all packed in one bowl! Powerhouse of vitamin A, C and K, the greens when tossed in vinaigrette or just nibbled raw will definitely benefit your health. Besides, the leafy greens can make a drab dish very exciting with its crunch and flavour. We list various salad greens you must include in your diet plan:

Kale: Queen of greens, kale provides highest fiber content and is low in calories. Belongs to the cabbage family, kale is full of goodness in nutrients and flavour. These leafy greens hold an exception; you can eat them raw, roast or boil. Tear a couple of these leaves and add to the piping hot bowl of soup to reap its benefits. Bake these leaves with salt and olive oil to get crispy and salty kale chips. Make a bowl of blanched kale interesting by adding a rich dressings and fresh fruits to get the best of flavours. Bite into crackly crunch of these chips and you are surely going to fill your kitchen cabinet jars of them.

Baby spinach: Pair these tender leafy greens with fresh fruits and vegetables like strawberries or pumpkin and toss them in honey mustard dressing or any vinaigrette of your choice. Make a salad full of colours, flavour and nutrients - you are surely going to dive into this one! Whether you’re looking to prepare a side or main dish, you can bank on these tiny leaves. Or just add a handful of these to soups, pasta or egg dishes to uplift their health value. This will make you wonder that spinach never tasted so good!

Arugula: Popular as rocket leaves, arugula is a basic ingredient of many salads. These dark green spiky leaves provide peppery mustard flavour to any preparation. Associated with Italian cuisine, these leaves add a distinctive flavour to any dish. Pair these greens with avocado, a hint of crushed garlic and toss them in olive oil and lemon dressing, finally just sprinkle parmesan cheese powder over it, here you have a yummy salad ready in a jiffy! 

Lettuce leaves: Salad is no more about a pile of iceberg lettuce leaves with limited toppings and a generous drizzle of dressing. Move over ice berg lettuce and include lettuce like romaine or lollo rosso to your salad for a new flavour profile. 

Romaine: These lettuce leaves are mildly bitter with sweeter center ribs. Provides a perfect crunchiness to any preparation, you can halve a romaine lettuce, brush it with generous amount of olive oil and grill till lightly browned. And, here it is ready to be devoured!

Lollo Rosso: Categorized as loose-leaf lettuce, lollo rosso are dark purplish in colour and are ruffled at the tips. These leaves are not only used for its visual appearance but also add a crispy texture. Believed to reduce the risk of heart diseases, lollo rosso leaves can add an amazing flavour unlike other bitter red leafy vegetables radicchio. 
Also, use frisee, butterheads and crispheads lettuce leaves for a unique flavour and a different texture to your salad.

Quick tips:
Always wash these leafy greens under cold water to enjoy the maximum.
Avoid putting lettuce in hot water to retain its crunchiness.
Remember overdressing salad greens will make them soggy.
Always serve them chilled or at a room temperature to get a crispy texture for a long time.

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