10 super one pot meals

Whether you are cooking for one or catering to a large a party, one pot meals fit into every occasio

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10 super one pot meals

Whether you are cooking for one or catering to a large a party, one pot meals fit into every occasion. Take a look at 10 of our favourite recipes all of which come to the table in a large crock pot filled with goodness and guaranteed satisfaction.

Veggie wow!

This recipe is from our book TV dinners and is apt just for that. Potatoes, brinjal, peppers and onions topped with two kinds of sauces - a chunky tomato sauce and a thick creamy cheese sauce bring nothing but happiness. Toast a couple of slices of bread and dig into this crumbed delight while it is still hot from the oven.

Cheesy chow

Layers of pan fried boneless chicken breast, fresh spinach, flavourful rice, condiments and cheese topped with a final crusty layer of breadcrumbs and baked till they are in perfect harmony with each other. This recipe gives you the whole deal and is sure to fill you up.

Hola its Paella!

Classic Spanish paella goes totally vegetarian and gets a slight fusion twist in this recipe. Soft chunks of tofu sitting in saffron spiced mixture of rice and veggies. Serve hot topped with fresh coriander and wedges of lemon and you need nothing else. 

Broth achha!

A bowlful of this thick lemony broth with the choicest vegetables and macaroni is not just a substantial meal but an extremely satisfying one too. If you want to opt for Italian then try a minestrone toscano soup with pesto croute, an equally enthralling option!

Sea tossed

If you like seafood and you like it spicy this dish is perfect for you. Fresh fish, clams and large chunky prawns tossed with silky flat noodles, chilli, ginger, garlic and other classic Thai herbs and spices topped with crunchy peanuts. Bring out your chopsticks to devour this one!

Sunday siesta special

Made with mutton, broken wheat, three types of dal, a host of spices and plenty of ghee this one pot wonder is ideal for a Sunday lunch mostly because a nap is a necessity after it. Pressure cooking makes the process faster and once ready, the aroma of a good khichda can build up an appetite for the fussiest of eaters.

Malaysia masti

A Malayasian comfort and street food Nasi Goreng lietrally means fried rice in malay, but is actually much more than that. Spicy pan tossed rice, served with chicken satay skewers, a fried egg, crispy prawn wafers and some peanut sauce on the side. If this isn’t a delicious pot of indulgence we don’t know what is!

Southern delight

If South Indian fare is your thing then you most likely already know about this delicious concoction called bisi bele huliyana. A mix of vegetables, rice and lentils enhanced with sambhar powder, typical dakshin style masalas, a crackling tempering and plenty of tamarind. Spicy tangy and wholesome - a sure shot way to gratify your taste buds.

Khao piyo!

Okay, so this one does require a bit of prep, but one spoon of the final dish and you’ll realize it is totally worth every minute. A rich creamy coconut chicken broth poured over silky noodles and topped with an array of condiments ranging from boiled eggs, fried garlic, onion, crunchy peanuts, fried noodles plus several sauces and herbs. Whew!

Biryani bouquet

When we are talking about one pot meals it is tough to leave a biryani behind. This one is made with brown rice and has a beautiful earthy flavour that blends really well with the green chutney marinated chicken. 

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