Super food, super menu

A delicious and super healthy meal made in less than 30 minutes

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Super food super menu

Power up the brand new year with these simple and quick delicious recipes made with nutritious ingredients that have a super food status!

Menu: Lentils and Vegetable Soup, Mushroom Quinoa Rissotto,  Kale Chips

Shopping list

250 grams of red lentils

1 packet of mushrooms

1 packet of quinoa

1 packet of brown rice

1 small bottle of olive oil

1 small bottle of white wine

1 packet of vegetable stock cubes

1 packet of processed cheese

1 small packet of fresh cream

1 packet of Kale leaves

1 bottle of sherry vinegar

100 grams of Parmeasan cheese

For faster preparation

Soak the red lentils for atleast two hours. Cut the potatoes and carrots in small cubes. Finely chop garlic, onion and celery for soup. Puree the tomatoes and set aside for soup. For risotto quarter the mushrooms, soak quinoa and brown rice. Grate the cheese. Remove the stems from kale leaves. Grate Parmeasan cheese.

How to go about it

Start with kale chips then the risotto. Pressure cook the soup and serve garnished with coriander.