Super cool iced tea and coffee recipes

Take a look at these chilled out beverages - Perfect for Summers

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Super cool iced tea and coffee recipes

Earl Grey Mango Cooler

Mango season is in full swing and this delicious tea infused cooler is the best way to make the most of it. An earl grey brew mixed with fresh mango pulp, refreshing mint leaves and lemon slices gives you iced tea with a luscious mango twist.

Iced Date Tea

The deliciousness sweet nuttiness of dates and refreshing taste of tea make quite the lethal combination. This unique drink delivers nutrients like fiber, sugar and vitamin A in 3 very simple steps. Begin by making tea and setting it to cool, followed by blending chopped apples, dates, ginger and pineapple to a smooth puree. Strain the tea as well as the mixture into a glass full of ice cubes, and your date iced tea is ready to be served.

Blueberry Lemon Tea 

This is for people who love their berries, and yes, a blueberry iced tea is very much possible, just with a zesty touch of lemon to it.  With a blast of flavors in your mouth, blueberry is also rich in fiber and effective in warding off heart diseases. The blueberries are first made into a compote, by heating them with castor sugar and water, followed by placing the compote in glasses and pouring the aromatic tea into it. Just add some ice cubes and a few slices of lemon, and your very berry lemon iced tea is ready.

Hibiscus Iced Tea

Probably the best benefit about drinking hibiscus tea is that it helps greatly in calming your nerves, helping you relax and keeping your blood pressure in check - a luxury in today’s hectic lifestyle. With its natural anti-depressants it helps put you in a pleasant mood and get into chill mode. The benefits of this floral sweet beverage don’t stop here - right from fighting infections to removing pimples, each sip of hibiscus flower extract infused tea can help you reach the goal of a healthier and fitter you. 

Coffee Coolers

Hazelnut Coffee Milkshake

The nutty taste of hazelnut blended with coffee is a perfect refresher during the summer. All you need to do to make this delicious milkshake is mix a good dollop of chocolate hazelnut spread with some coffee decoction and whiz it up in the blender with some milk and crushed ice and voila – you won’t be felling the summer heat anymore!

Cardammom Spiced Coffee Frappe

You might be used to having chai with a bit of elaichi, but did you ever think you could spike up your coffee with this delicious spice too! All the deliciousness of a classic frappe with a slight twist which will keep your guests guessing!

Mocha Slush

Remember slurping on slushies’ during you childhood days? Well this one is the grown up version – a delicious sweet and bitter concoction of coffee poured over crushed ice will make you revisit those good old days.

Coffee Ambrosia

This coffee ambrosia is the perfect way to spike up your regular cold coffee. A simple mix of coffee decoction, milk and sugar but with a boozy addition of some coffee liqueur – doesn’t it sound sinful?