Weekend Menu- Sorted!

Here is a list of some easy, quick and delicious recipes to make your culinary life easier.

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Menu for Weekend Sorted

Weekends make us lousy and experimental at the same time. But it is also a boring task to think of what to cook. We have answered that question for you. Here is a list of some easy, quick and delicious cooking ideas and recipes to make your culinary life easier.


Vegetable Manchow Soup -

This dish is something we have all eaten many times and in many restaurants. It is the most mainstream soup and it deserves to be. All ingredients in this soup are loved by Indians; they add a spicy, earthy flavor to the soup and are healthy. Just the name of this soup is enough to make you drool.


Chilli Chicken -

The Chilli Chicken is a spicy recipe made with onions, capsicum, green chilies and of course chicken. It is really easy to make a Chili Chicken starter recipe and is to be served immediately. However, if you prefer something veg then you can try ">Chilli Paneer instead.

Main Course

Crackling Spinach Chicken -

This Crackling Spinach Chicken recipe is an interesting combination of crunchy spinach served on fried chicken covered in red chili, soy sauce, and onions with sautéed garlic, ginger and celery, topped with coriander and spring onion greens. It is a must try recipe for a healthy yet an earthy tasted spinach and chicken.

Tofu and White Beans Chilli –

Tofu cooked with beans and sautéed garlic, onion, red and yellow capsicums, and paprika, garnished with coriander leaves is a very simple to make, easy on the stomach and a delicious recipe for you to enjoy on any weekend.


Roasted Banana and Raisin Ice Cream

After all the spicy eating, we all deserve a delicious dessert with roasted bananas and raisins with a twist of orange zest, drizzled with honey, cinnamon powder, and served cold, with some cocoa powder dusted on it.