Make Food Fun for Fussy Kids

by Sanjeev Kapoor

Kids can get really fussy when it comes to food. Whether it’s the choice of vegetables or just not eating on time in general. And it is important to inculcate the habit of eating healthy vegetables and fruits from an early age so they stay healthy. So how to make the kids like the vegetable they aren’t quite fond of? Well there are many ways to execute this important mission. And while these tricks might not work 100 percent, as every child is different, however, even a small possibility in this case is worth trying out, don’t you think? Let’s get started.

Get creative with your presentation

A kid is always fascinated with something that’s out of the ordinary. Always in his or her imaginary world of animated cartoons and superheroes, they’ll be fascinated to consume that looks similar to what they love. You could start with puris or rotis shaped as a star or moon to make food entertaining for the kids. You could also plate food using various elements, forming a beautiful picture. This would also help you to explore your creative side and in-turn be therapy for you.

Adopt healthy eating yourself

A child will always reflect upon a parent’s habits and actions. If a parent himself.herself is a fussy eater, the child will think this is an acceptable behaviour and follow this. Always eat healthy around the child, be it during lunch or dinner or even as a snack. Making them learn the importance about a specific fruit or vegetable in a fun way is key. Also, munch on healthier veggies like carrots or cucumbers or snacks instead of junk food and the child will adopt that.

Experiment with recipes

If for example you know that your child dislikes cauliflower in its original form, try to use cauliflower in an entirely different presentation. Our main motive is to make the child eat the food he hates, and if you can somehow change the way it tastes, the child could grow fond of it. Like in the case of cauliflower, you could disintegrate the cauliflower into crumbs and mix it with cheese and paneer and turn it into bite-sized tikkis or merge it with mashed paneer while making paneer bhurji. The kid would not even notice the presence of cauliflower and your mission will be accomplished.

Keep healthy food easily accessible

This point might be more important than you think. No kid is eager to take the veggies out, peel its skin, dice it and then consume it. For the kid, the ready-to-eat packet of chips is an instant and delicious way to quench his hunger. To avoid this, keep diced veggies like carrots, cucumbers, beetroots with flavourful dipping sauces in the refrigerator, so when the kid comes home from school, he’s got a snack ready without any fuss. Additionally you could also look into healthier form of chips like karela Chips, kale Chips or multigrain munchies to give kids a better option to snack on.

Involve kids in the cooking process

Kids are curious and always interested to try something new. If you involve them in the cooking process, they would love to eat what they’ve created while experiencing a sense of accomplishment. This would not only help them learn the art of cooking, but it’ll also be cool for you since you’ll have a minion of your own to give you a helping hand in the kitchen.

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