Top 5 recipes of the week – Breads you must try.

These simple flatbreads are a welcome change from everyday rotis.

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Indian breads you must try

Almost any meal is incomplete without a roti, our favorite Indian bread. But there are so many varieties of Indian bread that you can enjoy. So, take a look at these Indian flatbread recipes which you must try – a welcome change from the regular rotis we eat every day.


Theplas are a very important part of Gujarati cuisine. These flatbreads are made with a dough of whole wheat flour, gram flour, fresh methi leaves and spices and pan fried. The best part about theplas is their high shelf life – they are perfect for picnics and as snacks while travelling. They taste particularly good with chunda, but you can have them with any kind of pickle. Check out these delicious Thepla recipes

Tandoori Roti

Tandoori rotis are one of those breads that taste great with almost everything. You might think making it at home is going to be a difficult task, but in reality it is very simple. Especially if you follow this simple tandoori roti recipe.

Missi Roti

 Missi rotis are one of the most delicious parts of a bread basket. Whole wheat flour and gram flour dough is flavoured with a freshly ground spice mix and pan fried on a tawa. Add a dollop of butter and missi roti is ready to eat with your favourite sabzi.

Gobhi Ke Paranthe

Good mornings are made when you are eating a breakfast of these delicious gobhi ke paranthe. Whole wheat flour paranthas stuffed with a flavourful mixture made with cauliflower, fresh coriander, mint and powdered maslas. Shallow fried with a smear of ghee it is a power packed desi meal.

Gur ka Parantha 

This parantha is a sweet surprise, quite literally. A generous filling of jaggery and mixed dried fruits stuffed between a whole wheat flour parantha. Make sure you don’t skip ghee, because that is what adds plenty of flavour to this Gur ka Parantha. Check out the video recipe here.